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Torsdag d. 10. juli 2003

Budapest, July 9, 2003

Re: AIPS Swimming Commission Election
Dear Colleagues,
We have extended the deadline to send in candidates for the elections of our AIPS Swimming Commission. Please hurry to send in your candiates befroe 14th July. Please find our circular letter repeated below for your urgent action.
Best regards,
AIPS Secretariat
Dear Colleagues,
We wish to inform you that the AIPS Swimming Commission will hold its election meeting at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona, Tuesday, July 22, 2003 (after the morning heats).

The venue will be sorted out in Barcelona but hopefully it will be the Press Conference room. The elections will run under the supervision of an AIPS official.
National Association have the right to send their representatives to the election meeting. Each National Association can send only one representative to the election meeting, who must be a valid AIPS member in 2002-2003, authorized by written document from his/her respective national association in order to be able to vote.
Each national association can present only one candidate for the election, specialised in swimming and holder of a valid AIPS card in 2002-2003. The candidates can hand in their candidatures for the following positions within the Commission: chairman (1), vice-chairman (1), secretary (1), treasurer (1) and members (1 to 5).
The NSJAs must send their candidatures to the AIPS Secretariat by fax, e-mail or letter and copy to Chairman of the Swimming Commission Working Group Ms.Anita Lonsbrough (e-mail address: portermbe@compuserve.com )
The candidatures must arrive to the AIPS Secretariat before 14 July, 2003.
Best regards,
Charles Camenzuli
General Secretary