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Hilsen fra Moldavien

Fredag d. 22. august 2003

Danske Sportjournalister

Greetings from Moldova, dear colleagues!

The President of Association of Journalists "Media Sport" of
Republic of Moldova Eduard Ciobanu addresses to you.

With a view to propagandize and develop the sports, particularly
football among the journalists of different countries of the world
as well as for mutual beneficial collaboration between colleagues-
journalists, we invite a team of journalists of your country to
take part in the football match with your country.

The Moldavian team of journalists was in France at the World Olimpic
Game among the journalists in May 2003 and it won the first football
prize. Thus, our team is quite strong among the journalists'team. We
have played more than 35 official matches and lost only 7 matches.

We are going to begin a football tour through Europe by bus (our bus), and during the
trip we will play with the journalists from Austria (the 8 of October), Germany (the 9
of October) and Holland (the 11 of October).

In this conditions we address to you with the proposal to play a friendly match with the
journalists of your country - the exact time and place - as you wish. We could propose
to play the match on the 12,13 or 14 of October(after we have played with Holland).

If you agree to participate in this match we would like to know your decission till
Monday the 25 of August in order to fix our scheduel of matches.

Now the journalists are going to have a small holliday, and that is why if
you have any questions feel free to call - 00-3739-536197 (that is the
number of the team's translater Victoria).

We thank you in advance for your help and willingness to colaborate with us.

Telephone: 00-(3732)-764293, mobile 00-3739-536197
Fax: 00-(3732)-238618
E-mail: ciobanue@land.ru

Sincerely yours,
President "MEDIA SPORT"
Eduard Ciobanu