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Pressemøde - speedway

Onsdag d. 1. oktober 2003


The FINAL round of the World Championship FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series. The world championship has still to be decided. The current standings are:

1 Jason Crump (AUS) 132 points

2 Nicki Pedersen (DEN) 131 points

3 Tony Rickardsson (SWE) 121 points

Crump, Pedersen and Rickardsson will ALL be at this press conference. Crump and Pedersen have never won the title, whilst Rickardsson will be going for his 6th record equalling world championship. One of this trio will be crowned WORLD CHAMPION at the FIM Norwegian Speedway Grand Prix, Viking Ship Stadium, Hamar, Norway on Saturday.



DATE: Friday 3rd October 2003

VENUE: Viking Ship Stadium, Hamar, Norway, Press Conference Area

PRESENT: Jason Crump, Nicki Pedersen and Tony Rickardsson

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Nicola Sands

Media Manager

Benfield Sports International

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