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Brev fra Uganda

Onsdag d. 19. januar 2000

Danske Sportsjournalister har modtaget følgende mail:

It was great hearing from you and knowing, that our
Danish friends are that active and determined to uplift sports journalism. In Uganda, we have the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) which is the local chapter of AIPS. We are yet to establish ourselves on the electronic mail and are in the initial stages of getting an official magazine running
despite having founded in 1970s.
The problem; is that we have no extra source of funding to undertake such projects save members subscriptions. The other problem is related to the political history of Uganda, which until a few years ago made it impossible for every sector to operate normally.
We have however, played a role elsewhere by evolving the only national Sportsman's Gala, a festival where leading sportsmen are picked each month of the year and recognised.
We have a membership of over 60 print and electronic media personeel whose sports journalistic work is done at national newspapers, private papers and magazines, FM radio stations, perivate TVs and national TV and radio.
USPA would wish to relate and learn from the sports journalists of Denmark.
We would be greatful to visit and exchange ideas relating to this noble profession. Please do keep me posted on any activities the journalists of Denmark are due to undetake and you would like us to attend either as delegates or as
participants. I'll be obliged to take up an invitation to visit Denmark a country I have heard alot about but never heard the apportunity to see.
I will definately check out your website and after hearing from you again, be able to pass to you the addresses where you may find some sports journalistic works by some of the USPA members. Awaiting to hear from you;
Jim Mugunga
President USPA.
NB: I've in the past related with some journalists from Denmark who on visiting East Africa, come to Uganda in search of Ayub Kalule. Please let me know of any interests to read about Ayub Kalule in your country. I should be able to help out.

My contact address:
Jim Mugunga,
C/o The Monitor Newspaper,
P. O. Box 12141,
Fax no; + (256)-41-232369