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Danmarks VM-kampe

Onsdag d. 19. januar 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

As promised, I hereby inform you of Denmark's WC 2002 Qualification Matches
as they were agreed to after representatives of all Group Members had met in
Prague earlier today. The program is as follows:

Sep 02, 2000: Iceland vs. Denmark
Oct 07, 2000: Northern Ireland vs. Denmark
Oct 11, 2000: Denmark vs. Bulgaria
Mar 24, 2001: Malta vs. Denmark
Mar 28, 2001: Czech Republic vs. Denmark
Jun 02, 2001: Denmark vs. Czech Republic
Jun 06, 2001: Denmark vs. Malta
Sep 01, 2001: Denmark vs. Northern Ireland
Sep 05, 2001: Bulgaria vs. Denmark
Oct 06, 2001: Denmark vs. Iceland

Venues and kick-off times will be agreed upon at a later stage.

Later today, we will have updated all files under rsssf.dk and will inform
you subsequently.

Best regards,


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