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Statistik fra rsssf

Torsdag d. 20. januar 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Following today's agreement on the match schedule for WC 2002 Qualification
matches, we have updated the overview of internationals here:


Further, we have created the details-files for 2000 and 2001, however,
obviosly still without any match details. For your reference, have a look

1999: http://elbech.server101.com/internat/msa/annual/intl1999.html (updated
with link to year 2000-file)

2000: http://elbech.server101.com/internat/msa/annual/intl2000.html

2001: http://elbech.server101.com/internat/msa/annual/intl2001.html

Please note that the Nordic Championships will be revived at the end of this
month. The Tournament, which dates back to the 2nd and 3rd decade of this
century, has been in hibernation since 1983, cf. with
http://www.risc.uni-linz.ac.at/non-official/rsssf/tables/nordic.html at the
Global RSSSF website, where you will find a brief historic write-up as well
as links to all results from previous editions of the Nordic Championships.

Best regards,

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