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Hilsen fra Canada

Torsdag d. 20. januar 2000

Danske Sportsjournalister har modtaget følgende mail fra vore AIPS-kolleger i Canada:

(1) Greetings from Sports Media Canada. Thank you for your email -- we
look forward to remaining in contact with you and AIPS Denmark.

(2) We do have a web site and hope that you will 'visit' it from time
to time. The address is: www.sportsmediacanada.com

(3) We publish a 36 page magazine once each year (in October) and a
newsletter once each year (in April). The magazine is produced to coincide
with our Annual Achievement Awards luncheon and the newsletter is timed to
pick up news of interest which occurs between Luncheons.

(4) We used to have more newsletters, but now intend that the web site
will be our principal means of communication with our members and all
others interested in Sports Media Canada, its aims and activities.

(5) I write this to you from Florida where I locate my office from
October until April. I believe that I have a copy of our most recent
magazine in my files here and will send a copy.

(6) Thank you again for the initiative of contacting AIPS colleagues to
see which of us now has active web sites. It would make a very useful item
for a future AIPS News if you were to publish the results of your 'survey'
-- we'd all then have a directory of the web addresses of our AIPS

Most cordially.......Don Goodwin