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Fredag d. 21. januar 2000

Uli Hoeness, commercial manager of Germany's richest club, Bayern Munich, on Thursday backed a decision by the German Football Association to allow pay-per-view broadcasts of Bundesliga soccer matches.

"It is a huge step forward for the fans and is the most democratic decision of all. It's high time we had pay-per-view here. If we had blocked this, other countries would have overtaken us left and right," Hoeness said in an interview with the SID sports news agency.

The decision to bring in pay-per-view was introduced last weekend and Hoeness said there was solidarity among Bundesliga clubs on what would be broadcast on free television and what would be on pay television.

Hoeness admitted bigger clubs, including his own, would earn more comparatively than smaller clubs once the broadcasting income was divided up.

"But we (the clubs) have also shown solidarity here. For example, if a club like MSV Duisburg (currently third from bottom in the first division) is playing Bayern Munich on pay-per-view television, they will be absolutely delighted to get 32 percent of the income."