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Hilsen fra Estland

Tirsdag d. 22. februar 2000

From: Sven Sommer, AIPS-Estonia


Thank you very much for the information about AIPS-Denmark magazine and web-address, and sorry that I couldn't answer your before.

AIPS-Estonia was founded in 10.10.1999 and we haven't had time to our magazine yet, but we are planning to open our Internet-magazine. It will be opened as I hope in March. Then I will send you the address of our Internet-magazine.

We are very interested in co-operation with Danske Sportsjournalister and please contact if you are some question or are you coming to Estonia.

With best regards

Sven Sommer

Regati pst 1
11911 Tallinn
Phone: 6 398 081
GSM (25) 048 294
E-mail: sven@eok.ee