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AIPS fylder 80 år i dag

Fredag d. 2. juli 2004

Dear Colleagues,

The world sport media is today celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the foundation of AIPS.

We are sure that through these momentous years AIPS has given valid and vital contribution to the development of sport and the sports media.

Attached please find the official Press Release regarding Sports Journalists' Day, 2004.

AIPS recommends that, while each National Sports Journalists' Association organises some sort of activity on a national basis to commemorate our 80th Anniversary, we would appreciate your circulating the attached Press Release both to your members as well as to the general media within your respective countries.

It is the intention of AIPS that the ' Sports Journalists' Day' be celebrated worldwide and we are sure of your co-operation.

Please inform us about your activities so that we can publish them in the next issue of AIPS News.

Best regards

Togay Bayatli Charles Camenzuli
President General Secretary


The 2nd of |July 2004 marks the 80th Anniversary of the ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA PRESSE SPORTIVE (AIPS), a wonderful moment within the international sports media.

Since its early days of foundation AIPS has had a very important role to play in the sports media evolution. With 143 Affiliated countries, AIPS is aware of the development and improvement recorded in this media sector. Once again AIPS stresses its willingness, firm determination and deep attachment to the rights of information for the public at large.

Since 1924, the fundamental ideal remains that:

‘The AIPS makes no distinction between its members with respect to nationality,race, religion,sex or political and philosophical beliefs.

It is actively opposed to any sort of discrimination that could hinder their professional activity or their right to work and their right to travel, even in the case of membership associations in countries which do not maintain appropriate diplomatic relations.’

Sports Journalists Day is all about making it a very special and enjoyable day recognising sports media a very valuable force. It is also about denying the abuse of sport as a medium to protect vested interests, which endangers the rights to true information for which AIPS has been struggling with all its force.

Celebrating Sports Journalists’ Day is about the need to stress the freedom of information which guarantees the freedom of expression as being the fundamental right of every citizen and that manipulation of information can never be tolerated.

Togay Bayatli Charles Camenzuli

President Secretary