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Statistik fra rsssf

Tirsdag d. 28. marts 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List members,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we today have made public all
remaining files with details from Danish A-internationals, i.e. the period
covering 1958-1982.

I would like to emphasize that these files are our "workpads", which means
that we have checked the Danish information quite far down the road, but
still need to check the opposition.

A few hyperlinks here and there might not work, or be missing, something
that we will change as soon as possible.

You will find the 1958 files here:
http://elbech.server101.com/internat/msa/annual/intl1958.html and by
replacing "1958" with any other year, you can easily access the details

Alternatively, you can access via the overview document, located at
http://elbech.server101.com/internat/msa/intlma.html and from there click
your way to each year and subsequently each match.

By this we're coming close to closing our biggest project, which has taken
more than two years to complete. We are confident that our research provides
a unique resource on Danish internationals and have already started working
on the players directory. In addition, the U21-internationals are coming
along also, adding substantial content to the internationals section of the
rsssf.dk archive.

Best regards,

Søren Elbech

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