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Landspokalfodbold fra rsssf

Torsdag d. 6. april 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Tonight, Wednesday, 6 out of 8 matches in the DONG Cup's 5th round (Round of
16) were played. I have updated the document with the matches here:

A couple of statistical - interesting? :-) - remarks:

The pending two matches Thursday are between 4 Superliga teams why FC Aarhus
(the recent Aarhus Fremad) remains the only non-Superliga team left for the
Quarterfinals next week. FC Midtjylland held the Champions, AaB, to a
goalless draw after extra time, and until 4-4 in the shoot-out, until Thomas
Thomasberg (former AaB player) missed for FC Midtjylland, leaving it to
Thomas Gaardsøe to finish off the match with the 10th kick of the shoot-out.

BK Fremad Amager 3-9 Viborg FF is the match with most goals scored out of
the 81 matches in the DONG Cup so far this season.

This is not the first time in the history of the Domestic Cup (since 1954)
that the result 3-9 has occured. In a 1st Round match on August 3, 1968, AIA
lost at home to Aabenraa BK, and on October 31, 1965 B 1901 lost at home to
B 1903. In addition, the reverse result has occurred 3 times as well.

The following times the results 9-3 or 3-9 have occured, in reverse
chronological order:

Year Round Match Remark

1999-2000 5th BK Fremad Amager 3-9 Viborg FF DONG
1997-98 1st Kalundborg G&BK 9-3 Frederikssund IK Compaq
1990-91 1st Vordingborg IF 9-3 Ryvang FC
1968-69 1st AIA 3-9 Aabenraa BK
1965-66 3rd B 1901 3-9 B 1903
1956-57 1st Roskilde BK 9-3 Tuse Næs BK

This is my first mail since the relocation from Washington, D.C. to
Amsterdam. I have below added my new corporate signature and for those of
you who have me in your Rolodex, please update your files.

I am struggling to get through the updates of last week-end's results but I
should have them up by Thursday night. You will be kept informed, of course.

with kind regards, Søren Elbech
Søren Elbech
Chief Financial Officer

Infostrada BV 'Sports Intelligence'

Sports Databases/Multimedia/Statistics/Infographics
Graaf Rupertlaan 2, 3434 RJ Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
Tel : +31 (0)30 6007171
Fax : +31 (0)30 6007177
GSM : +31 (0)653 408841
URL : http://www.infostradasports.com
E-mail : soren.elbech@infostradasports.com

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