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Rsssf om fusionen i Glostrup

Lørdag d. 15. april 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

DBU today acknowledged a new superstructure, thus adding another member to
an increasing number of superstructures over the last decade.

The superstructure, Glostrup FK (Fodboldklub), consists of the following three clubs,

IF 32 Glostrup - Division Three (2. division)
Glostrup IC - Division Eight (Serie 2, pulje 2 (SBU))
Hvissinge FC - no senior team under DBU

Glostrup FK will take over IF 32 Glostrup's spot in Danmarksturneringen at the end of this season (formally probably as per July 1, 2000).

Of other superstructures in recent years, we would like to mention:

FC København - B 1903 and KB
FC Midtjylland - Herning Fremad and Ikast FS
Nykøbing Falster Alliancen - B 1901 and B 1921
AC Horsens - Horsens FS and FC Horsens first. Later, also Stensballe IK,
Hatting-Torsted IF, Lund IF, KFUM Birkeparken, and Egebjerg
FC Aarhus - Aarhus Fremad and IK Skovbakken (originally, but later
Aarhus Fremad only)

Kind regards,

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