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Statistik fra rsssf

Lørdag d. 22. april 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

After Herfølge BK's 3rd loss in a row, Brøndby IF yesterday moved into the
top spot in Superligaen. This is first time since Round 15 (October
31-November 1, 1999) that Brøndby IF has been on top.

At the same time, both AGF and OB won at the bottom, leaving Esbjerg fB and
Vejle BK with a very tough battle in the remaining 8 rounds.

Esbjerg fB has a very unusual problem: no goalkeeper of Superliga standard.
Last round, the EfB goalie, Benny Gall, received a red card after having
travelled over half a pitch to push AB's Brian Steen Nielsen in his chest
after having slaughtered an EfB player. Then, yesterday EfB's reserve
keeper, Ronnie Svensson got his Superliga-debut, this however only to last
for 70 minutes, when Ronnie Svensson, after having tackled AaB's Søren
Frederiksen in the penalty area, also received a red card! From the top of
my head, I can't remember any club who suffered from expulsion of its
goalkeeper two matches in a row.

On Sunday, Esbjerg fB plays against Viborg FF, and most likely this will
mean the debut for EfB's 3rd goalkeeper, Mikkel Andreassen, however, he is
believed to not have Superliga standard. Well, this might be his chance to
step up to the plate.

AaB indeed won 7-1 against Esbjerg fB, this being the largest victory (and
defeat) of this season.

AaB's 1st goal, which was AaB's 500th goal in Superligaen, was scored by
Mikkel Beck, who scored a hattrick, and so did AGF's Nocko Jokovic. This
brings the total hattricks in Superligaen since 1991 to 66.

And, notably, the EfB's goalkeepers red card led to an AaB penalty. This is
the first time in 60 consecutive Superliga matches, that AaB is awarded a
penalty! This is a record for Superligaen.

FC Midtjylland is now only 5 points away from certain promotion to
Superligaen, with 9 matches to go ....

Please have a look at the updated files:

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Men's tables: http://elbech.server101.com/champion/tab00.html

Best regards,

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