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FIFA holder konference i juli

Søndag d. 12. juni 2005

In cooperation with FIFA and the 2006 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee Germany, the Bavarian State Government and the City of Munich are organising the international conference

"Visions of Football"

International Conference for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™

…and would like to invite everyone who is interested from the worlds of society, business, culture, sports and science to Munich for this event.

This international and interdisciplinary conference is aimed in particular at executive directors, managers and decision-makers of the following:

> Clubs and associations
> Sports organizations
> Sponsors of sport and football, industrial companies
> Sports and marketing consultants
> Sports journalists
> Sports rights agents and media companies
> Marketing and sponsorship experts
> Sports medics
> Sports scientists

…as well as all those interested in the preparations for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ and in international football commerce.

From 27 - 29 July 2005, i.e. one year before the 2006 FIFA Football World Cup™ takes place in Germany, participants from all over the world will meet to report on and discuss football. Football's relationship to social topics, the media, business, training and medicine will be divided up into five modules and allocated half a day each for discussion. Internationally-recognized scientists and practitioners as well as prominent guests will discuss all the scientific, medical and practical aspects of football, making use their expert knowledge. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided at the conference!

An attractive supporting programme as well as evening social events round off the conference.

For further information about the Visions of Football Conference please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE

VISIT http://www.visions-of-football.com or Call the Conference Hotline:
+49 (0)89 / 62 17 11 22