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Fredag d. 1. juli 2005

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Letter to AIPS National Associations

Budapest, 30 June, 2005

Re: your contribution to the AIPS magazine

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, let me give you the good news that the AIPS News will start to have a new, colourful outlook from now on and an enriched content. It will duly change its name to ‘AIPS Magazine’. Therefore, there will be no use to publish the International Sport magazine any more.

The upcoming edition for which we are now asking for your help has 15 July as deadline. Please find its cover attached. We would be very happy if you could send us your opinion about its outlook by return of e-mail. Please note this is only a draft.

We kindly ask you to send your contributions before 15 July. We would like very much to receive articles from you written in a journalistic way, pleasant and really interesting to read. We are journalists, we do need NEWS in the basic sense of the word, put down in a skilful, professional manner. We are spread in 144 countries of the world, if we just care to provide really exciting news about our profession concerning our own countries and associations, we could draw the attention of the world of sport on the AIPS.

When informing about bare facts – like elections held, we need just the exact, concise information, of course, like in the case of informing about events planned and hosted by your countries.

We do need photos to go with the articles, in each possible case.

From the articles and news received we should be able to learn something, convey our message to future organisers of different events or to the press chiefs of international sports federations. But in the same time, they should be a pleasant experience to read. If it is easier for you to write in your own language, preferably the official languages of AIPS, please feel free to do so. We will translate them into English.

The key to change our image is in your hands – let us make the new AIPS Magazine an efficient tool in this respect.

Thank you for your contribution in advance,

Best regards,

Gianni Merlo

AIPS President

Note: we thank all those who have already sent their articles for this edition.