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Statistik fra rsssf

Mandag d. 22. maj 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

In a week from now the Championships will be over, and we will have found
answers to all questions concerning who end on top, and who is relegated.
After Viborg FF's thrasing of AaB by 7-2, Herfølge BK and Brøndby IF
probably will decide the Championship among themselves.

Herfølge BK travels to Silkeborg IF on Wednesday and finalises its campaign
against FC København on Sunday.
Brøndby IF plays AB away first and hosts AaB in the final match.

And, if Vejle BK and Esbjerg fB draw eachother tomorrow evening, they would
have made it very difficult for both to survive another season in the

Brøndby IF drew 1-1 against FC København in yet another intense match
between the two archrivals. Amazingly enough - as the stadium is being
refurbished - the match was attended by a record crowd of 19,285. As always,
we have updated the extensive document about this "Old Firm", at

As the crowd was the 19th largest in the history of Superligaen, we updated
the corresponding document, at

Earlier today, we announced Denni Conteh of Viborg FF being scorer of Goal
No. 5,000, and we have made a background overview of the annivesary goals so
far, for your viewing. It is found here:

As always, the following documents are updated, too:

- results: http://elbech.server101.com/champion/den00.html#0031

- details: http://elbech.server101.com/champion/den00det.html#0031

Please note that FC Midtjylland needs but 1 point in its last 4 matches in
Division Two for 100% promotion. We shall inform you as the season comes to
an end, who is promoted and relegated.

Best regards,

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