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Engelsk fodbold og pay-tv

Mandag d. 29. maj 2000

The English Premier League will consider plans this week to launch its own pay-television network instead of selling soccer rights to a third party broadcaster, the Guardian newspaper said on Monday.
It said pay-TV pioneer Brian Deutsch would present
proposals for a network of channels showing football of all
Deutsch had approached City investment banks to discuss a
bond issue, wich would enable him to deliver clubs an up-front
sum against such a venture's potential for future earnings.
The newspaper said the plans included options on satellites
that would provide space for 24 channels.
Broadcasters are currently fighting for the lucrative rights
to show matches by England's top 20 clubs, one of the world's
biggest broadcast deals.
The Sunday Business newspaper said cable television company
NTL was top bidder, with an offer of 1.75 billion
pounds ($2.58 billion).
It said NTL had outbid digital media company ONdigital --
owned by commercial ITV companies Carlton Communications Plc
and Granada Group Plc -- and satellite
broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting which has had
exclusive rights to live games since the early 1990s.
NTL, backed by software giant Microsoft , is
believed to have made an offer 250 million pounds higher than
its rival bidders, the newspaper said.
But the bids, lodged this month, may not be final. The
Premier League said contenders might have another chance, before
the winners are announced in July, to top up their offerings.