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Mandag d. 13. februar 2006


- Friday 10th February 2006. Everything set for the Official Opening of the XX Winter Olympic Games in Torino. AIPS President Mr.Gianni Merlo was officially informed of the sad news that our dear colleague MATTI SALMENKYLA passed away.

For most of us Matti was the point of reference as far as sport media
administration is concerned. Born in Helsinki on the 4th October 1930, he
has to his credit the presence in 31 AIPS Congresses. Elected in the
Executive Committee in 1977 in Milano Marittima, was interim-Secretary in
1991 and for two terms 1993-1997 and 1997-2001 was General Secretary
following which he was appointed as AIPS Honorary Life General Secretary.

Ever since the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, when he had started his
journalistic career, he had missed only the 2004 edition in Athens and of
course he bid farewell to this world of sport on the day the XX Winter
Olympic Games started in Torino. AIPS Delegate for Olympic Games since
1984 in Sarajevo.

Besides being delegate for innumerable editions of World Skiing
Championships, since 1996 was also Chairman of the AIPS Nordic Skiing
Matti Salmenkyla was a point of reference in athletics.In 1983 was Press
Chief of the 1st IAAF World Championships held in Helsinki following which
besides being member of the IAAF Press Commission was also delegate for
the 1987,1995 and 1997 Championships.

He was President of the Finnish Sports Journalists Association (1972–1981)
following which term he was nominated as Honorary Member of the Finnish
Sports Journalists Association.
Honoured with the IOC Olympic Order, holder of the Medallion of the Press
Freedom in Finland as well as honoured with the Golden Cross of Finnish

And as we remember Matti’s pragmatic style in sport administration, surely
each and everyone of us has particular instances and anecdotes related to
As we bid him farewell, all our condolences to his family in particular to
Annalie his dear wife who has always followed him in most of his sport

We lost a Great Friend.

* * *