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Statistik fra rsssf

Mandag d. 24. juli 2000

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Here are some statistically driven facts from today's round in Superligaen:

AB 1-1 Silkeborg IF

It is no surprise that Silkeborg IF kicks off with a draw. Out of 11 1st
round matches in Superligaen, SIF drew in 8, with 2 wins and only 1 defeat.
Apart from AB's dreadful debut in Superligaen back in 1996 (see also below
under FCK 5-1 HFK), where the club lost, AB has only experienced victories
in 1st round. So, a first here.

FC Midtjylland 4-0 Lyngby FC

This constitutes the higest ever (speaking of Superligaen - for those of you
who throws Brøndby IF's 7-1 against B 1909 at me now .. :-) 1st round
victory of a promoted team. Actually, this is only the 3rd "regular" win for
a promoted team (as we didn't count the 2 matches where promoted teams met
eachother), the other 2 being Næstved IF 2-0 AGF in July 1991 and the
highest ever (remember, Superligaen) attended 1st round match, Aarhus Fremad
2-1 AGF in 1997.

Another interesting aspect is Mogens Laursen's hattrick. Mogens has not yet
turned 20, which makes him the 4th youngest player to score a hattrick in
Superligaen, the top-4 comprising of:

No. Player Club Age

1 Stefan K. Hansen FC København 18.88
2 Wassim El Banna OB 19.04
3 Jesper Søgaard Vejle BK 19.49
4 Mogens Laursen FC Midtjylland 19.98

FC København 5-1 Haderslev FK

Welcome to Superligaen, Haderslev! B 93 also made its debut in Superligaen
with a 1-5 defeat (to Brøndby IF, in 1998), and bear in mind that they were
relegated at the end of the season. Astonishingly enough, this is not the
higest defeat by a debutant. In 1996 Lyngby FC welcomed neighbors AB by
thrasing them 6-1.

with kind regards, Søren Elbech
Søren Elbech
Chief Financial Officer

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