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Pas på billetten

Søndag d. 18. juni 2006

Hold on to your ticket! That is the official AIPS advice to all accredited journalists at the World Cup.
FIFA says it has begun to issue warning notice to all those journalists who did not collect and use their match tickets in the opening phase of the finals in Germany.
However, the evidence from the England-Paraguay game – when FIFA wrongly accused more than 200 journalists of being no-shows – suggests that further mistaken accusations are likely.
AIPS has made representations to FIFA over the accounting errors compounded by the mistaken media release over no-shows in Frankfurt. FIFA has acknowledged receipt of the protest and promised a reply in due course.
In the circumstances, all journalists would be sensible to ensure they keep all their used match tickets safe. Then they can prove their presence in a stadium in case of further mistaken accusations.

Keir Radnedge
Chairman Football Commission