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Formandshilsen fra AIPS

Fredag d. 7. juli 2006

To all AIPS National Sports Journalists Associations, Commissions, Executive Committee Members, Honorary Members

Dear Colleagues,

According to the decision we took in Doha, Qatar during our 69th Congress, the AIPS Headquarters in Budapest have closed. We are preparing to open the new Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland at the end of this year.
(Our office will be located in the Maison du Sport International).

The Presidential Office in Vigevano (Via Marazzani 7, Vigevano, Pavia
27029 Italy, phone: +390 381690636, fax: +390 381690638 ) will function as before. You can also use my mobile: +39 3358066748 in case you need my direct help.

As far as correspondence is concerned, in order not to create confusion in this period of transition we have arranged not to change the mailing address, phone and fax number of the old AIPS Headquarters in Budapest till December. We have directed these to the home of the AIPS staff in Budapest.

Therefore, for sending any letters and card requests till 31 December 2006 please use the same address of the old Headquarters in Budapest (AIPS,
1054 Budapest, Hold u 1). This address remains valid only for correspondence and only till 31 December 2006. The AIPS staff is collecting the mail and answering it.

Please use the same phone: +36 1 3112689 and same fax: 36 1 3533807.

Our e-mail addresses also remain the same: info@aipsmedia.com and the alternative one for our Magazine: magazine@aipsmedia.com.

We will send you the exact contact address and new numbers of the new Headquarters in Lausanne in due time.

Best wishes,

Gianni Merlo