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AIPS-kongressen i Qatar

Mandag d. 24. juli 2006

A.I.P.S 69th Congress – Qatar 2006
29th April – 3rd May 2006

Executive Committee Members present:-

§ Gianni Merlo – President
§ Carlos Garcia – First Vice President
§ Charles Camenzuli – General Secretary
§ Esat Yilmaer – Deputy General Secretary
§ Jorge Ribeiro – Treasurer
§ Faisal Al Qanai – Vice President
§ Nickolai Dolgopolov – Vice President
§ Laima Janusonyte – Vice President
§ Yannis Theodorakopoulos- Vice President
§ Manoucher Zandi – Vice President
§ Jaber Al Harami – Member
§ Emanuel Fantaneanu – Member
§ Yaonming Gu– Member
§ Mitchell Obi – Member
§ Hans Joachim Zwingmann – Member

§ Belaid Bouimid – ASJU
§ Hugo Lencina – FEPEDA
§ George Das – ASPU
§ Jerzy Jakobsche - UEPS

The 69th AIPS Congress in Doha opened with Mr.Gianni Merlo – President of AIPS greeting the delegates present as well as the members of the Qatar Organizing Committee and other distinguished guests.
Mr.Charles Camenzuli, as General Secretary informed the delegates on the Congress procedure followed by the first day roll call where 86 countries were present.
However before passing on for the agenda both the General Secretary as well as the President asked the Congress for a minute silence in remembrance of the three former AIPS General Secretaries who passed away lately namely Mr.Massimo della Pergola, Mr.Matti Salmenkyla and Mr.Istvan Gyulai.
Mr.Merlo mentioned the qualities, abilities and integrity these three people always showed for the benefit of AIPS and the sport media. The AIPS has also remembered the passing away of Honorary Member Lucien Tshimpumpu of DR Congo.

The General Secretary informed that the Scrutineers for the Congress would be:
§ Mr. Ramachandran Eswar – India (ASPU)
§ Mr.Sunday Ephraim – Nigeria (ASJU)
§ Mr.Alfredo Etchandy – Uruguay (FEPEDA)
§ Mr.Josef Langer – Austria – (UEPS)

As the Agenda and programme of the 69th Congress had already been circulated and no amendments to it were asked, they were Approved by the Delegates.

The General Secretary informed that the minutes of the 68th Congress held in Marrakesh, Morocco on the 12th -14th May 2005 were circulated. As no amendments were received by the Secretariat they were also approved.

There were no matters arising from the said minutes of the 68th Congress.

Addressing the 69th Congress, AIPS President Mr.Gianni Merlo thanked the members of the Executive Committee present as well as the delegates for the record number of countries present in Doha.

AIPS President made reference to the 69th Congress as this had to be yet another milestone for AIPS not only for the number of countries attending but also as during the Congress the updated and re-written Statutes and By-Laws of AIPS were to be presented.
In a detailed visual presentation, the President gave an update account of what the AIPS went through since the last Congress in Marrakesh.
Mr.Gianni Merlo gave details of the meetings held with Dr.Francois Carrard in Lausanne, Switzerland and explained the changes which were made to the Statutes. The President also introduced Dr.Carrard who was present to the Congress and who later gave his views and details of the changes made to the Statutes.
Details were also given with reference to the meeting held in Budapest with the AIPS internal auditors Mr.Steen Ankerdal and Mr.Bartolome Hunger who together with AIPS Treasurer Mr.Jorge Ribeiro examined the AIPS finances.
Prior to the Congress, Mr.Hunger was also present in Vigevano to go through the accounts held at the President’s Office.
The President presented his detailed report which included the magazine and website development, the current situation of the membership cards, the new communication systems, the setting up of a marketing office with respect to which the President introduced Mr.Gianluca Martinelli who was appointed by the Bureau as the person responsible for the marketing of AIPS.
Reference was also made to the positive relationships held with the organizers of the AIPS Congress in Doha and future Congresses as well as with international federations. Particular reference was made to the Winter Olympic Games in Torino Organizing Committee, to the grant of 80,000 Euros and for the star studded reception held during the Games.
Mr.Merlo referred to the relationships with the international Federations as a healthy sector for AIPS and which proved the constant respect AIPS holds.
As for the trip to Teheran for the 4th Islamic Women’s Games, the President pointed out that further details would be given during the Congress in a specific 2-hour seminar to be conducted by Vice President Laima Janusonyte.
Mr.Merlo made also reference to the fact that by the end of 2006, AIPS will have its own Secretariat office in Lausanne in the House of Sport situated in the heart of the city. Mr.Merlo showed in detail how the Office would look like and how the operations from Budapest and Vigevano would be carried out in order not to have an impact on the day-to-day administration of AIPS.
The President also noted that even if some might consider that this can involve some expenses he is positive that being in Lausanne, the contact with the international federations will increase and eventually also the financial aspect will have a positive result for the whole operation.
The Congress approved this idea and the various initiatives to be taken in order to modernize the AIPS operational system.
The President thanked everyone who was instrumental in order that certain targets in the AIPS new image projection be reached.
The Report of the President was approved unanimously by the Congress Delegates.

The General Secretary, Charles Camenzuli presented his report which had also been circulated in advance and which as usual included all aspects as far as the general administration of the Secretariat is concerned.
The report was also supported by a visual presentation where an account of the AIPS presence in major sports events was given, details of the Executive Committee and Bureau meetings held since last Congress as well as the relations with the Continental Sections, the member associations and the Specialists Commissions.
The Secretary pointed out that most of the matters would be dealt with during the Congress.
The Congress was also informed of the presence of AIPS at the AGFIS Congress in Seoul where AIPS First Vice President Mr.Garcia took part and at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne with the participation of Mr.Camenzuli.
The General Secretary mentioned that together with the President and the Treasurer AIPS was present at the UEPS Congress which was held in Dublin and where Mr.Jerzy Jakobsche was elected as President.

The Report of the General Secretary was also approved unanimously by the Congress Delegates.

AIPS Treasurer, Mr. Jorge Ribeiro gave a detailed account of the financial situation of AIPS following the handing over after the 68th Congress in Morocco. Mr.Ribeiro gave an account of the various meetings held with the Bureau and the AIPS Executive Director in order to clarify certain matters. Reference was also made to the meeting held with the internal auditors of AIPS Mr.Steen Ankerdal and Mr.Bartolome Hunger who had presented a detailed internal report to the Executive Committee.
Mr.Ribeiro emphasized that this internal report had been circulated among the Executive Committee members and it showed various matters which needed to be clarified in particular to certain items that were full responsibility of the former AIPS President Mr.Togay Bayatli and of the current AIPS Executive Director Mrs.Agnes Gergelyi.
The Treasurer gave also a visual presentation and comparative study of the AIPS actual financial situation compared to that of the last year and to the expenses incurred.
Mr.Ankerdal addressed the Congress pointing out that certain financial items were not clear enough and that more accurate checking is to be done and for this particular reason he suggested that a professional auditing company would be appointed and that it would go through the accounts of the last 2 or 3 years in order to have a better picture of the AIPS financial situation.
Mr.Ankerdal made also reference to the meeting he had in Budapest prior to the Congress and as he had reported to the Executive Committee he expected that Mrs.Agnes Gergelyi, AIPS Executive Director was to be there for a longer time as she was present for just an hour during their whole day at the office.
Mr.Ankerdal noted the tremendous work done by the Treasurer.
As internal auditor with Mr.Hunger he pointed that he was not in a position to completely approve the accounts for the period January 2005 – 31st December 2005.
A debate on the matter developed and following also the intervention of AIPS Legal Advisor, Dr.Francois Carrard it was suggested that during the Congress, the Report of the Treasurer and auditing of Mr.Ankerdal covering the period June 2005 – December 2005 would be approved and as for the January – June 2005 period this would be referred to the next Congress following the report of an auditing Company.
Dr.Carrard suggested and stressed that a Professional Firm of auditors would be appointed to go through the AIPS finances.
The AIPS President confirmed that this would be done immediately and that Mr.Ankerdal and Mr.Hunger together with the Treasurer will form part of the AIPS Finance Committee.

With reference to the new affiliations to AIPS the General Secretary informed the Congress that all documents from Bahrein, Guinea Ecuatorial, Mali, and Togo were received in due time and of these only Guinea Ecuatorial was not present in Doha.
These new members were presented officially during the Congress.
These countries were represented by the following:

§ Mohamed Ismail – Bahrain
§ Baba Cissouma and Amadou Toure Al-Housseini – Mali
§ Kobie Palanga Manabidede - Togo

The AIPS has now 148 member associations in total.

At this stage the AIPS Congress, according to the agenda went through the AIPS EXTRAORDINARY CONGRESS - which included the main item :

‘Modifications of the Statutes’.

AIPS President gave a brief account of the reasons for these Statutes to be updated and modified and to the meetings held with Dr.Francois Carrard who took the task of re-formulating the Statutes in a more modern and updated version.
Mr.Merlo gave details of the meeting held in January 2006 in Lausanne at the office of Dr.Carrard where together with him, EC officials Charles Camenzuli and Yannis Teodorakopoulos discussed with Dr.Carrard the necessary changes which had to be done and which were eventually approved by the AIPS Bureau and the AIPS Executive Committee.

Dr.Francois Carrard informed that these Statutes had already been circulated among the member associations and discussed in detail with the Bureau and Executive Committee.

Dr.Carrard examined all articles of the new Statutes and saving minor changes these were approved by the Congress.

Certain points were also clarified following various interventions by the delegates present.
The Congress approved unanimously the new AIPS Statutes whose final version will be circulated to all member associations.
The AIPS President thanked Dr.Carrard for the work done and interest shown.


The 69th AIPS Ordinary Congress continued with its approved Agenda :

The AIPS Secretariat had received only one motion to the Statutes and this was received from Sports Journalists Association of Turkey.
As most of the contents of this motion were already included in the new Statutes, the motion was withdrawn by Mr. Murat Agca on behalf of the SJA Turkey.

With reference to the next Congresses, the AIPS President gave details of the recent meetings he had with officials from the Organizing Committee of the 2007 Austria-Switzerland Congress.
Full details were to be given during the Congress in the detailed presentation to be held before the handing over of the flag.
Regarding the 2008 Congress, China is still interested in organizing the Congress and following the Executive Meetings held in China in October 2005 in Nanjing, the President was sure that in 2008 it will be another great Congress for AIPS few months prior to the Beijing Games.

Reference was also made to the AIPS Card Situation details of which were given by the General Secretary and included in the Congress Documents.
At this stage the President emphasized the most encouraging number of cards issued as well as the procedure adopted for African countries where AIPS is charging them only 5$ per card. As for other nations which fall under ASPU, FEPEDA or UEPS, the Secretariat will be asking them to provide an official list of the countries that are currently facing financial difficulties.

The Treasurer also gave his views on the matter that irrespective of the new system of issuing Cards, not only was their number encouraging but also higher compared to the same period of the last term of card issuing.
On the same matter, the General Secretary gave a detailed account of the Card situation: with the new system the rhythm has increased and the number of cards registered to date was by far higher than the one recorded in the respective former card same period. 6733 cards were ordered of which 5828 were sent until 23 April 2006.
This number is to increase as most of the countries ordered more cards during the Congress.

As for the reports from the Continental Sections, they had already been circulated with the Congress documents, however during the Congress they were presented officially by:

§ Africa – UJSA by Mr.Belaid Bouimid
§ America – FEPEDA by Mr.Hugo Lencina
§ Asia - ASPU by Mr.HongJong Suh
§ Europe – UEPS by Mr.Jerzy Jakobsche

With reference to the (Specialist) Commissions’ Reports (whose name changed into ‘Commissions’ with the new AIPS Statutes) while the President informed that the Bureau would be discussing the possibility of organizing a meeting specifically for the Commissions, the Commissions present in Doha were allocated 5 minutes each in order to present their reports.
The Commissions present were the following:-

· Athletics – Mr. Gianni Merlo
· Basketball – Mr. Noah Klieger
· Canoe – Mr. Raymond Kamber
· Ice Hockey – Mr.Anton Waldmann
· Field Hockey – Mr. S.Thyagarayan
· Football – Mr. Keir Radnedge
· Handball – Mr. Gunter Pfeistlinger
· Nordic Ski – Mr. Rolf Arne Odiin
· Speed Skating – Ms. Marina Witte
· Table Tennis – Mr.Emanuel Fantaneanu
· Volleyball – Mr.George Stefanis
· Wrestling – Mr.Ali Gumus

Regarding the AIPS Magazine and AIPS website, AIPS President gave follow up details with reference to what was presented at the EC Meetings in Nanjing.

Mr.Merlo gave details of the impact the magazine made with international federations in particular during the Winter Olympic Games held in Torino.
Together with the General Secretary he urged all National Associations to send articles and news supported by relative photos in order that both the website and the magazine remain the main source of reference for all AIPS card holders.

As for the Sports Journalists Day, Mr.Merlo noted that through the information we received both for the magazine and for the website there are various activities organized by national sports journalists associations and we should see that these activities will be given all necessary publicity to promote AIPS and our profession.
The Executive Committee urged that the Continental Sections will do their utmost and see that within them Seminars, meetings, day activities etc. will be held.

With reference to the Best Press facilities and athletes of the Year the General Secretary noted that although the system used by online voting was relatively new, there were still an encouraging number of members who voted.
It was noted that as for this year further promotion within the National associations would be made in order that these Awards have a bigger and better profile and publicity.

During the 69th Congress the following presentations were made:
§ International Olympic Committee – Anthony Edgar
§ FIFA – Markus Siegler
§ FISU – Leonz Eder and Christian Pierre
§ Beijing Olympic Games Org. Committee – Sun Weide and Qihua Feng
§ Macau Indoor Asian Games – Isabel da Silva and Manuel Silverio

Besides update with reference to the Doha Asian Games.

Another main item during the Congress was the Seminar ‘ Women in Sport’ addressed by AIPS Vice President Ms Laima Janusonyte and with interventions from Dr.Aneesa Al-Hitmi – Chairperson of the Qatar Women’s Sports Committee and Kenyan journalist Omolo Evelyn Akoth.

This Seminar was held following the experience a delegation from AIPS and the international media had during the Women Islamic Games held in Teheran in 2005. A video presentation on the same topic was presented to the Congress by AIPS Vice President Mr.Manoucher Zandi who was the main co-ordinator in Teheran for this experience to materialize.

The Congress officially came to an end with AIPS President Mr.Gianni Merlo thanking the Organizing Committee which was in charge of the 2006 Congress in Qatar in particular to Mr.Mohammed Al Malki, Mr.Abdulla Al-Mulla and Mr.Jaber Al Harami as well as all those who have the international sport media at heart and who did their utmost in order that the new AIPS administration be able to achieve the results already obtained in less than a year.

Charles Camenzuli
AIPS General Secretary

15th June 2006