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Bordtennis for journalister

Torsdag d. 6. marts 2008

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have pleasure to invite journalists, reporters and broadcasters to participate in the 4th Open Journalists’ European Championships.

Organizers The Academic Sports Association on Jan Dlugosz Academy in Czestochowa, PINGPONG.COM.PL

Date May 9th - 10 th 2008

Venue Sport Hall Polonia
ul. Dekabrystow 43
42-215 Czestochowa, Poland
e-mail: hala@mosir.pl

Men's Singles - 2 categories - under age 40 and over age 40
Men’s Doubles
Teams (consist with 3 players)

Schedule Friday May 9h Teams 16.00 a.m.
Saturday May 10 Individual Events 10.00 a.m.

System of Play The events will be conducted according to the ITTF Pro Tour regulations - depends of entries number.

Draw The draw will take place on May 9th 2008th 2.00 a.m. in Polonia Sport Hall.
Equipment Tables: 4 Butterfly, blue
Nets: Butterfly, blue
Balls: Butterfly *** (white)
Playing Floor: Teralfex

st. Osada M³yñska 5
PL-42 280 Czestochowa
Tel / Fax : +48 (0) 361 85 32
e-mail: bonaparte@buziaczek.pl

Hospitality Official Hospitality Package

For all players and guests using the Official Hospitality Package the charge is 75 Euro per person.

The Official Hospitality Package includes:

• Accommodation in a 3*** hotel (Bonaparte Hotel) with breakfast (double, triple rooms).
• Lunch and supper will be served in restaurant beside to Polonia Sport Hall.
• Entry fee.

Additional information
9.05.2008 – Supper,
10.05.2008 – breakfast, lunch and supper,
11.05.2008 – breakfast
Breakfast will be served up in Hotel.

- Hotel Bonaparte the check-out-time is 12.00 am in the morning. If you leave the rooms later an extra day has to be charged. Hotel Grand check-in-time is 4.00 p.m.
- Payment by cash in organization office after arrival.

Travel by Air The shuttle bus service can only be provided if you send back your
traveling details till 10th of April 2008.

Please note that no entry will be accepted after the deadline 26th April 2008

Please send your entries to: PINGPONG.COM.PL
ul. Michalowskiego 30/23
42-200 Czestochowa, Poland
+48 34 322 24 83
+48 607 040 366
Fax: +48 34 325 08 01
Director of 4th Open Journalists European Championships

Pawel Gasiorski

Preliminary Entry Form

Name of Association:

ٱ We will participate in the 4th Open Journalists European Championships

ٱ We will not participate in the 4th Open Journalists European Championships

We expect to send:
Journalists Players:_______

Total Number: _______

Using Official Hospitality Package (3***hotel)

ٱ We will request _______doubles/triples rooms in Bonaparte Hotel
ٱ We will request single rooms (supplement 17 EUR) in Bonaparte Hotel



Please return this form by fax or E-mail not later than 26 April 2008.
Telephone number: Tel: +48 34 322 24 83, +48 607 040 366
Fax: +48 34 325 08 01
e-mail: pawel@e-gsm.pl, redakcja@pingpong.com.pl