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Tirsdag d. 7. november 2000

List of upcoming "A" matches

Zurich, 31 October 2000 - List of upcoming "A" friendly matches based on information provided by national associations, confederations and other sources. However, FIFA has not verified all of these fixtures and does not vouch for their accuracy (for continental championship matches see box below):


01.Nov.00 MUSCAT Oman - Yemen Friendly
05.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Singapore - Cambodia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
05.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Vietnam - Malaysia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
06.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Thailand - Myanmar (Tiger Cup) Friendly
06.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Indonesia - Philippines (Tiger Cup) Friendly
07.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Laos - Malaysia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
07.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Cambodia - Vietnam (Tiger Cup) Friendly
08.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Philippines - Myanmar (Tiger Cup) Friendly
09.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Malaysia - Cambodia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
09.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Singapore - Laos (Tiger Cup) Friendly
10.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Thailand - Indonesia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
11.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Cambodia - Laos (Tiger Cup) Friendly
11.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Vietnam - Singapore (Tiger Cup) Friendly
12.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Myanmar - Indonesia (Tiger Cup) Friendly
12.Nov.00 CHIANG MAI Philippines - Thailand (Tiger Cup) Friendly
13.Nov.00 DUBAI United Arab Emirates - Hong Kong Friendly
13.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Malaysia - Singapore (Tiger Cup) Friendly
13.Nov.00 SONGKHIA Laos - Vietnam (Tiger Cup) Friendly
15.Nov.00 GLASGOW Scotland - Australia Friendly
15.Nov.00 TURIN Italy - England Friendly
15.Nov.00 ISTANBUL Turkey - France Friendly
15.Nov.00 COPENHAGEN Denmark - Germany Friendly
15.Nov.00 SKOPJE Macedonia - Hungary Friendly
15.Nov.00 WARSAW Poland - Iceland Friendly
15.Nov.00 TIRANA Albania - Malta Friendly
15.Nov.00 SEVILLE Spain - Netherlands Friendly
15.Nov.00 RHODOS Greece - Slovakia Friendly
15.Nov.00 TUNIS Tunisia - Switzerland Friendly
19.Nov.00 TBA Saudi Arabia - Thailand Friendly
20.Dec.00 LOS ANGELES Mexico - Argentina Friendly


Asian Cup of Nations, 12.10.-29.10.2000 (Lebanon)

EURO 2000, 10.06.-02.07.2000 (Belgium/Netherlands)

Oceania Nations Cup 2000, 19.06.-28.6.2000 (Tahiti)

CAN 2000 - African Cup of Nations, 22.01.-13.02.2000 (Ghana/Nigeria)

CONCACAF Gold Cup, 12.02.-27.02.2000 (USA)