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Tirsdag d. 22. juni 2010

JOHANNESBURG, June 22, 2010 - Slovakia’s head coach Vladimir Weiss, renowned for outbursts against the media and for storming out of press conferences, has gone too far this time.

At a press conference Monday the volatile coach, still clearly hurting following Sunday’s 2-0 loss to Paraguay in Mangaung/Bloemfontein, threatened to punch a Slovakian journalist in the mouth after unleashing a tirade of foul language.

Miroslav Spacek from Markiza Television asked Weiss if he was aware of any fault in the decisions he had made in the match against Paraguay.
Weiss’ reply: “Thank you. Let's go. Fucking faggots”.
Then the former Czechoslovakian national who played in the 1990 World Cup and whose son Vladimir junior is in the current national squad threatened to punch Spacek in the mouth.

Slovakian AIPS member Leonard Popovic says Weiss’ outburst should be punished by FIFA. Together with colleague Jozef Satara, Popovic has made an official complaint to AIPS.

Head of Markiza Television Sport Lukas Diko said from Bratislava the language used by Weiss was inappropriate and vulgar and the threat unnecessary.
Details of the incident have been provided to Nicolas Maingot, FIFA's Acting Director, Communications and Public Affairs Division and Alain Leiblang, Head of FIFA Media Operations.