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Journalisterne sad på gulvet

Tirsdag d. 29. juni 2010

By Gianni Merlo, AIPS President
JOHANNESBURG, June 29, 2010 – The World Cup organised in winter is causing crowding in the press centres.

Usually during a spring and summer World Cup tournament the media has the possibility to work pre-match in the stands of the stadia but in this case the very cold conditions have forced everyone to converge in the press centres before the games.

Last night some of our colleagues were forced to sit on the ground to carry out their normal work.

Fortunately, inside the press tent at Ellis Park there is still space enough to provide some temporary tables and seating in order for the media to be accommodated.

The local organisation has made huge efforts for the media and we believe that with a small new gesture, it is possible to provide the necessary facilities to accommodate all media, especially considering there will be far more demanded as the tournament progresses.

If a solution to this easily-solved problem is not found this would diminish all of the great efforts made by the organisation so far.

Below: The huge influx of journalists for last night's Ellis Park match caused overcrowding in the press centre. Photo/ Bola Omilabu, Nigeria