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Til de akkrediterede ved EM i kvindehåndbold

Lørdag d. 4. december 2010

To: All media representatives accredited for the
Women’s EHF EURO 2010
03.12.2010, Aalborg
Dear Media Representative,
It is a pleasure to welcome you at the EHF EURO 2010 in Denmark and
Norway. Please read this mail carefully so that you have all the basic
information for the 9th Women’s EHF EURO.
Official website
The prime source of information throughout the championship is the
official EHF EURO 2010 website that you can reach at http://www.ehfeuro.
At this page you can find team section, playing schedule, up-to-date news
and much more. You can download all Daily Bulletins here. Please always
look for information first at ehf-euro.com.
As you filled in your online accreditation form, you were requested to
accept the “Terms and Conditions for Media Representatives” and you
confirmed that you have read the “EHF EURO Media Services”.
These are the basics of media work during an EHF EURO Event. Please
find below the download link to these documents once again and make
sure that you know what you can expect at the tournament.
Terms and Conditions for Media Representatives
EHF EURO Media Services
Accreditation Centres
To pick up your accreditation, please provide your confirmation letter and
your ID.
The accreditation centres are located at each of the venues. The centres
will be open as of Monday 06 December 2010 and the opening hours are
as follows:
Aalborg (DEN): 13:00 – 23:00
Aarhus (DEN): 13:00 – 23:00
Larvik (NOR): 13:00 – 23:00
Lillehammer (NOR): 13:00 – 23:00 (except 12.12 - the opening hours will
be 10:00 – 23:00)
Please note that on December 6th and 7th the accreditation centres will
be open as of 10.00.
Herning (DEN)
12.12. 1500 – 20:00
13.12 10:00 – 23:00
13.12 – 19.12 13:00 – 20:00
On December 17th the centre in Herning will be open as of 10:00.
Please note: photographers need to pick up their photo bibs from the
press centre after picking up their accreditations.
Championship Press Conference
EHF EURO 2010 will throw off with the Opening Press Conference. This
time – with two organising countries – two press conferences will take
place parallel at two venues.
•On Tuesday 7 December 2010, 16:00hrs in the press conference
room of the Gigantium Arena, Aalborg
•On Tuesday 7 December 2010, 16:00hrs in the press conference
room of the Hakonshall, Lillehammer
As with tradition, the EHF will hold the EHF EURO 2010 Closing Press
Conference on the Final Day, 19 December 2010. This will take place at
12:30hrs in the press conference room of the MCH Multiarena of Herning
and will be followed with the draw for the 2011 Women’s World
Championship Play-off Europe and a brunch.
The media team of the EHF and the local organisers are available to assist
you at any time during the competition.
Central Organising Committee
Finn Tage Jensen (Denmark)
+45 291 60 910
Kirsten Birkeland (Norway):
+47 957 04 055
Venue Name Contacts
Per Bang per@prbang.dk +45 402 02 310
Aarhus Lars Graabek lag@dhf.dk +45 282 69 460
Larvik Svein Andresen svein.andresen@handball.no +47 918 36 215
Lillehammer Bjørn Larsen bjorn@mediaadvisors.no +47 411 00 999
EHF Media Management:
Venue Name Contacts
All JJ Rowland rowland@eurohandball.com +45 307 84 683
All Balázs Nemcsik nemcsik@eurohandball.com +45 307 84 679
Günter Pfeistlinger handball@aipsmedia.com +47 952 66 577/
+45 307 84 680
Larvik Benedikt Anderes b.anderes@hckriens.ch +45 307 84 681
Aarhus Goran Antevski antevski@gmail.com +45 307 84 682
Venue maps
You can download the maps of the five venues by clicking on the cities
Social events
The local organising committee organised leisure day activities for you. These
evenings are ideal to make professional contacts and friends as well. You’ll find
more information in the press centres on the days before the events.
Herning: 15 December 2010, a night out at a traditional Danish Christmas Buffet
at Skarrildhus. http://www.skarrildhus.dk/UK-version-364.aspx
Lillehammer: 13 December 2010 – more information later.
Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the LOC media
management or the EHF media team.
Best regards,
Balázs Nemcsik
EHF Corporate Communication