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Invitation til møde med Frits Ahlstrøm

Lørdag d. 22. januar 2011


The 2012 European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine

The next major international football tournament on the calendar,

the 2012 European Championships in Football (EURO 2012), will be

held in Poland and Ukraine in eighteen months.

As one of the host countries, Poland is assured participation while Denmark must battle to qualify. But how far advanced are the

preparations? And are the organizers ready to welcome the whole world when the first match kicks off at the national football

stadium on 8 June 2012? The championship venues in Poland are in Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

In collaboration with polennu.dk, the Polish-Danish Business Forum is pleased to invite the media, officials and members of the

Polish-Danish Business Forum to a meeting concerning EURO 2012.

The Danish football expert Frits Ahlstrøm has agreed to speak about the history of the European Championships for national teams, the impact of this tournament for UEFA and for football in Europe in general – as well as the opportunities that are open to Poland and Ukraine as a consequence of being host countries.

Rafal Wisniewski, the Polish Ambassador to Denmark, will be attending the meeting and hosting a light reception.

Monday, 24 January, 15.00–17.00.

Mykhajlo Vasiljovych Skuratovskyi, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Denmark will also be present.

The meeting that will be held at the Polish Embassy in Denmark, Richelieus Allé 12, DK-2900 Hellerup.

The event will be held in English. The number of places is limited, so it is essential to register in advance.


Officials and members of the Polish-Danish Business Forum:

Andrzej Zywien, Chairman of the Polish-Danish Business Forum, az@polishdanishforum.dk

Media: Jens Mørch, editor of polennu.dk, jemo@polennu.dk

We would like to thank Rafal Wisniewski, the Polish Ambassador to Denmark, and UEFA.

Polish-Danish Business Forum

The Polish-Danish Business Forum is an independent commercial organisation whose purpose is to strengthen ties between Danish

and Polish business interests. Membership is open to all Danish-Polish businesses and companies.

polennu.dk is an independent web newspaper that publishes news about Poland and Polish people in Danish. The objective of

polennu.dk is to promote understanding and reinforce relations between Poland and Denmark.

Hermed invitation til medlemmer af Danske Sportsjournalister.

Venlig hilsen/best regards

Jens Mørch



Slagelsegade 14 K

DK-2100 København Ø.

CVR: 32 67 35 46

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