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AIPS-kongres i Paris

Torsdag d. 26. februar 2015

LAUSANNE, February 26, 2015 – The 78th AIPS Congress in Paris, scheduled for March 2-4, is less than a week away and already anticipation is high. The event will represent a milestone in AIPS history, as the association continues to celebrate its 90 years, given that it was first established precisely in Paris in 1924.
This important detail gives the congress special meaning as AIPS honors the association and its members. The Official Congress Opening will be held on the evening of March 2 at the Louvre Museum where delegates and esteemed guests from over 100 countries will enjoy a celebration of sport through the performance of renowned dance company Kataklo.
The Louvre Opening will also include a special announcement by Abu Dhabi Media, as AIPS looks at the present of sports journalism and continues to invest in its future.
The Congress in Paris will also include an AIPS Young Reporters Programme, which has become a core part of the association. Six young journalists from Europe and Africa will cover the Congress, alongside some of the most successful and experienced sports journalists from around the globe.
AIPS President Gianni Merlo said: “The sheer size of the Congress in Paris, organized at short notice under pressing circumstances, is something to be proud of, with the number of individual participants reaching 300.”
“This number could have easily been even higher, thus breaking records set by previous editions, but unfortunately, a number of our colleagues were refused visas given the time challenge. We are committed to avoiding in the future,” Mr. Merlo added.
The Congress commences work on March 3 at the French Olympic Committee headquarters, where delegates and guests will be able to participate in presentations by AIPS partners, all of which will be of high interest to sports media.
The first set of presentations includes those by Head of Press Operations of Rio 2016 and Head of IOC Media Operations, along with those from FIFA, UEFA and United World Wrestling. Congress delegates and guests will also have the opportunity to hear from Special Olympics, The Association of African Olympic Committees (ANOCA), the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), and the International University Sports Federation (FISU).
All of the presentations will be covered through written text, video reports and photos by AIPS Young Reporters and staff and will be specially available on a live digital version of the AIPS Magazine, AIPS website and via social media channels.
Expect more soon on the specialized forums of the 78th AIPS Congress including those on securing sport, the current state of the media and more.

Best wishes,
AIPS Media