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Internet anerkendt af IOC

Torsdag d. 28. december 2000

Internet journalists to be accredited in Salt Lake City to cover the 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Reflecting its decision to recognise Internet journalists as full members of the Olympic media and allow them greater access to the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has agreed to accredit a limited number of Internet organisations in Salt Lake City to cover the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. This first experience will be evaluated following the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in the context of the impact on future Olympic Games.
In order to respect existing contractual relationships between the IOC and the various television and radio rights holders, no moving images or audio taken from within Olympic venues will be permitted. The IOC is studying whether an Internet news access provision for video can be developed. It is not yet clear whether this will be applicable for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
Access to Olympic venues is designed as an opportunity for Internet journalists to produce some original text and content. Like the television and written press, accredited new media organisations will have to agree to specific IOC guidelines as part of the accreditation process.
To be eligible for accreditation to the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, an Internet organisation must:
- Be fully independent from traditional media organisations already accredited at the Games, whether a newspaper or broadcaster. Internet organisations associated with a traditional media organisation which already receives accreditations from the IOC should obtain their accreditations from that organisation's existing quota as was the case for recent Games.
- Have an established track record of developing original sports-related content. Web sites will be judged by the percentage of original content to content obtained through other sources (e.g. news agencies). Web sites which depend solely on other sources for news will not be considered.
- Employ some full-time journalists .
- Have a measurable number of unique visitors as confirmed by an independent and recognised auditing firm. Sites will be judged by their multi-national reach and/or penetration in a particular country.
All interested Internet organisations that fulfil the above criteria and wish to apply for accreditations to cover the 2002 Olympic Winter Games must apply through the IOC Official web site www.olympic.org <http://www.olympic.org/>. A link explaining the new media accreditation procedure and the application form is available from the IOC institutional site www.olympic.org/ioc/e/news . Application forms must be returned to the IOC Communications Department no later than Friday 19 January 2001.