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Europæisk møde

Lørdag d. 17. marts 2001

Referat fra UEPS-møde (den europæiske afdeling af AIPS) i Nicosia på cypern:

Date: 17-03-101 15:10 PM

RE: ueps cyprus meeting

UEPS Council meeting in Nicosia

Minutes of the UEPS Council meeting in Nicosia,
March 9, 2001

Present: Leif Nilsson (president) Sweden; Evgen
Bergant (v.president),
Slovenia; Morley Myers (secretary-general) Great
Britain; Erw
Barthel (treasurer) Luxembourg; Emanuel
Fantaneanu, Romania,
Jerzy Jakobsche, Poland; Timo Jarvio, Finland;
Theodorakopoulos, Greece; Esat Yilmaer, Turkey;
Zwingmann, Germany.
Apologies for absence: Alexander Ratner, Russia
Absent: Carlos Freitas, Portugal;

There were no matters arising from the minutes of
the Nov.1-3 Council
meeting in Vienna.

President Nilsson said since the Vienna meeting he
attended the
AIPS Board meeting in Istanbul Nov. 8-12 where
among the major
points discussed were a new web site and the 2001
AIPS election
Congress in Toronto.
He presented a report to the AIPS Board and again raised the
the important issue regarding the financial
relations between
He said it is a big struggle to get more money
from the AIPS which
had $750,000 in the bank having doubled its funds
in three years.
AIPS cards cost $30 each and EUPS with 6,000
members represented
two thirds of the AIPS membership. This amounted
to $180,000 for
AIPS, but UEPS received only $30,000 at $5 a card.
President Nilsson said he proposed that the
Continental associations
should receive $10 per card and this was supported
by the other
President Nilsson said he had an informal talk
with AIPS president
Togay Bayatali, who was opposed to any changes.
President Bayatli suggested he would approach UEFA
Lennart Johansson to ask more money from UEFA,
perhaps $30,000
and give it to UEPS.
In general discussion, President Nilsson told the
UEPS Committee:
We must unite with the other Continents and force
the AIPS to
raise their contribution to $10 a card. To be
able to work, the
Continents need more money.
He praised President Bayatli for his wonderful
work in raising AIPS
funds, but said AIPS did not exist to accumulate
money like a bank.
it was not a business to profit shareholders.
The money should be
used for the benefit of AIPS members and this
included the
Continents. There must be a fair distribution of
AIPS money.
The UEPS Committee members fully endorsed this
stance and
commented on how President Bayatli had evaded
this issue at the
past two Congresses.
Members also stressed that AIPS should not be
Continental bodies like UEFA which were under the
jurisdiction of
Europe. AIPS should confine their activities to
world bodies, such as
FIFA and the IOC.
President Nilsson said after attending the AIPS
Board meeting,
he was an invited panelist debating Sport and
Modern Media
at the 3rd ENGSO forum in Berlin at the end of
Looking ahead, Nilsson said he had accepted an
invitation from
President Bayatli to take part as an UEPS
official in the EOC
Symposium for young journalists in Murcia, Spain,
July 22. He was
also scheduled to visit China in April to speak
at a seminar for young
sports journalists and was also going to Nicosia
on April 27 as a
participant at a round-table on Tolerance and
Fair Play which will
be attended by 23 European Sports Ministers.
President Nilsson said he has completed a report
regarding Euro
2000 which he would present to the UEFA Media
Director Frits
The report was a summary of opinions from
journalists who had
had covered the tournament in Belgium and Holland.
It listed
10 unsatisfactory points about the organization
relating to media.
The general consensus was that working conditions
were very bad
and it was important to establish a different
process for Euro 2004
in Portugual. UEPS were fortunate that our
committee member
Carlos Freitas was the Portuguese FA press officer
and would be
an important link. Carlos can get some information
and check with
the organizers in Portugal. We were never invited
to co-operate with
the 2000 organizers and it was too late to do
anything. Now we have
three years to work and we have a contact man
within the
organization in Carlos. It is equally important to
have the co-
operation and support of UEFA.
In conclusion, President Nilsson said he had
faxed Belarus and the
former Republic of Macedonia asking for their $100
membership fees.


Secretary-General Morley Myers said his main
pre-occupation since
the UEPS Committee meeting in November was
conducting the poll
for the UEPS Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.
Official notice, with instructions, were sent to
member associations
on November 6 advising them of a December 1
Another message was sent on December 1 when there
were only SIX
entries. Despite further pleas the final count was
only 19 entries out
of 47 member associations.
Those voting were: Albania, Austria, Belgium,
Croatia, Czech
Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain,
Greece, Iceland,
Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania,
Slovenia, Sweden,
Turkey. Among the major countries missing were:
Germany, Italy,
Portugal, Russia and Spain.
Members were messaged the result on December 24
with a copy
of the story which was sent to the three World
Agencies - Reuters, AP
and AFP - with a Jan.1 embargo.
The Secretary General said Eurosport has asked for
his verdict on the
Eurosport SportStar Awards presentations in Monaco.
After dealing
with the mechanics of the event, its faults in
concept and operation,
he suggested the presentation could be incorporated
with the UEPS
European Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year
Awards. He
invited them to contact us, but had received no
The Secretary-General suggested that President
Nilsson should
pursue the matter.
In approving the report, the UEPS Executive
Disappointment at the the poor response to the Poll
from our member
Associations, especially as it was one of the few
occasions the UEPS
could showpiece its existence. It was also
suggested that Associations
could provide contact numbers of their national
news agencies to
announce the result and gain maximum publicity.

Treasurer Erw Barthel said UEPS had a balance of
$39,879.24 on
January 1, 2000 and finished the year on December
31 with
$63,049.01. This represented an increase of US
$23,169.77, but
expenditure was reduced because the UEPS committee
met only once
in Vienna where our Austrian colleagues provided
accommodation and food which was a great help to
the UEPS
All member national associations are, of course,
invited to help in
financing and organizing any future committee or
bureau meetings.

Costs were further reduced because the President
decided not to
accept the many different invitations he received
because of financial
The only sponsorship UEPS received in 2000 was
20,000 Swiss Francs
from UEFA. UEPS incurred costs publishing a special
magazine for
EURO 2000.
UEFA did not allow us to carry any advertising and
our only revenue
was a donation from the Slovenian National Tourist
thanks to the initiative of our vice president Evgen
Bergant, and from
the mayor of the capital of Luxembourg.
The magazine was a very big help to all the
journalists covering the
event and demonstrated that UEPS is able to give a
lot of support to
UEFA in journalistic affairs. Maybe this will help
us get higher
sponsorship money from UEFA in the future.
The treasurer pointed out our healthy bank balance
was because
we had already received our two-yearly membership
card money
which must also cover 2001.
We must find some other sources of income otherwise
it will be very
difficult in the future to keep a solid balance in
our treasury. Of
course, an increase of funds from AIPS would
alleviate many of
our financial problems.
The UEPS Committee members felt it reflected badly
on our status
if the President had to reject invitations because
of insufficient
This also applied to travel costs for members
attending UEPS meetings
which should not be the responsibility of their
respective national
Associations. This situation does not apply to any
other organization
and is very undemocratic, restricting committee
members to wealthy
National Associations.

UEPS Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

We were fortunate that the two winners both came
from the same
country, Dutch swimmers Pieter van Hoogenband and
Inge de Bruijn
and it was hoped to make the presentation at their
championships in April. Arrangements were being
made through
Marina Witt and the trophies had already been
delivered to Holland.
Vice-president Bergant told the meeting that the
Slovenian glass
company who were sponsoring UEPS would continue to
provide the
trophies for at least another year.
The President thanked Bergant for providing the
sponsor and also
thanked the Turkish Association who had supplied
UEPS with 10
special presentation gifts.

EUPS/EAA Competition Delegates
Vice-president Bergant said UEPS was still pursuing
its policy of
maintaining close relations with the leading
European sports
bodies. Meetings have been held with the EAA to
propose UEPS
delegates for this years three major European
athletics competitions -
the European Cup in Bremen, the under-18 European
in Italy and the European under-23 championships in
Amsterdam. UEPS will nominate Gustav Schenk for the
Cup and the under-18 championships and Belgiums Jos
Segaert for
Amsterdam. He hoped for approval from the AIPS
Commission, who normally make the formal proposals.
The UEPS Committee approved these recommendations
and also
supported the proposal of Matti Salmenkyla as UEPS
delegate for
the 2002 European Championships in Munich.

UEPS/AIPS Congresses
The AIPS Congress starts on May 23 and ends May 25
with the
elections. The UEPS Congress will take place on the
of May 23.
Togay Bayatli and Alain Lunzenfichter are unopposed
for re-election
as AIPS president and first vice-president
respectively, while the
current treasurer Charles Camenzuli is unopposed
for the post of
Secretary-general which is being vacated by
There are three nominations for deputy secretary and
two for
treasurer.There are 15 candidates for the five vice
presidencies and 22
nominations for the six posts of members. UEPS
President Nilsson and
committee member Yannis Theodorakopoulos are
candidates for
vice-president. Nilsson assured members that if
elected he would also
remain as UEPS President.
The UEPS Committee felt our member associations
should support the
European candidates, especially for vice-president.
Although the AIPS
has strong European representation, current policy
does not reflect
UEPS interest, particularly in financial matters. A
strong UEPS voice
was needed in the AIPS heirarchy, particularly as
Europe represent two
thirds of the AIPS membership. We should raise this
matter at the
UEPS Congress.
We should also ask member associations to update
the contact numbers
and availability of our Football delegates.

The UEPS Committee decided to alert UEFA to the
regarding UEFA club competitions where many
non-journalists were
receiving accreditations and occupying press
Committee member Esat Yilmaer said the Turkish
planned to produce a magazine for the European
Championships in Istanbul Aug.31-9 and would make a
donation to
UEPS from some of the proceeds. The magazine would
also promote
Vice President Bergant said work was still
continuing on the book
book celebrating UEPS 25th anniversary. It was hoped
to publish
the book in time for the 2002 UEPS Congress in
Karl Segers has managed to gather much material, but
we need
contributions and archival material from as many
people as
possible. It would help to promote our organization,
people what we have done during the last 25 years.

The next meeting will be in Toronto on May 23.