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Journalist overfaldet

Tirsdag d. 3. august 1999

Rangers to investigate reported assault on journalist

GLASGOW, Scotland (August 3, 1999 9:25 a.m. EDT http://www.sportserver.com) - Scottish champions Rangers promised a full investigation into reports that a journalist was assaulted outside their Ibrox stadium on Monday.

Chris Gilmour, a football correspondent for the Scottish Sun newspaper, went to the club with the intention of speaking to winger Andrei Kanchelskis over the 40,000 pound ($60,000) 'bung' claim made by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Russian international's manager when he played for Manchester United.

However, when Gilmour approached Kanchelskis, he was stopped by a member of the Rock Steady security team, which is employed to patrol Ibrox.

Gilmour claimed he was pushed in the chest by the security guard, grabbed in a headlock and was almost wrestled to the ground.

He then said the security guard swore at him repeatedly before a supervisor was called to restore order.

Kanchelskis escaped the melee without comment but Rangers said it would launch an inquiry.

"If the journalist is claiming assault, then we cannot comment on the specifics of the incident," said a spokeswoman for the club on Tuesday.

"We have an initial report and we will be discussing the general circumstances in more detail with the company as a matter of urgency."