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Officielt referat fra UEPS Kongressen 2001

Fredag d. 22. juni 2001


Minutes of the 2001 UEPS Congress in Toronto,
Canada, May 23

Present: Executive Committee: Leif Nilsson
(president) Sweden;
Morley Myers (secretary-general) Great Britain;
Erw Barthel
(treasurer) Luxembourg; Emanuel Fantaneanu,
Jerzy Jakobsche, Poland; Timo Jarvio, Finland;
Alexander Ratner,
Russia; Yannis Theodorakopoulos, Greece; Esat
Yilmaer, Turkey;
Hans-Joachim Zwingmann, Germany.
Apologies for absence: Evgen Bergant (v.
president) Slovenia.
Absent: Jose Carlos Freitas, Portugal.

Delegates from: Azerbaijan, Austria, Cyprus,
Czech Republic,
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,
Great Britain, Greece,
Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Russia, Slovakia,
Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Yugoslavia.
Absent: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium,
Bosnia, Estonia, Ireland,
Israel, Italy, Latvia, former Greek Republic of
Macedonia, Monaco,
Spain, Ukraine.
Twenty-eight member associations present.

The minutes of the 2000 Fortaleza Congress were
approved and there
were no matters arising.

AIPS President Togay Bayatli delivered a brief speech to the delegates,
referring to the forthcoming AIPS elections. He said UEPS constituted the
body of the AIPS and pointed out that Europeans held the top positions on
the AIPS Executive and there was a strong European representation.
Commenting on UEPS criticisms about the failure of AIPS to disperse funds,
he claimed the AIPS did not have a great deal of money. "We spend $300,000
every year for our activities and I have explained to your president (Leif
Nilsson) that we are ready to supply money for UEPS projects."
Bayatli also announced that AIPS would increase its ex-gratia payment to
the Continental sections from $5,000 to $10,000 this year in addition to
the two-yearly payment of $5 for each AIPS card. He was also ready to talk
to UEFA president Lennart Johansson and other European organizations to get
funds for UEPS.
Regarding territorial control, he said AIPS would no longer concern itself
with the bi-ennial European Youth Day seminars for young journalists. In
future, this would be organized by UEPS in conjunction with the European
National Olympic Committees.
UEPS president Leif Nilsson welcomed the increased funding from AIPS, but
said he would continue to press for additional finance.
“We have to realise that in the last four years, AIPS has had a 96 percent
raise in income. Even if they spent $300,000 a year for different matters,
AIPS is quite a rich organization. Most of this money comes from Europe and
I will ask for some funds back. Our members pay $180,000 for AIPS cards and
$4,700 in registration fees. “We only get back $35,000.”
Nilsson said earlier in the day he had attended the AIPS Council where it
was announced that a new website was being constructed. President Bayatli
also said he was replacing AIPS football commission chairman Carlos Freitas
on the FIFA press commission because Freitas had missed some meetings.

President Nilsson said the UEPS Board had held two meetings since last
year’s Congress - in Vienna (Nov.1-3) and Nicosia (March 9) and he thanked
the Austrian and Cyprus Associations for their hospitality and good
Dutch swimmers Pieter van Hoogenband and Inge de Bruijn were voted European
Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year in the annual UEPS poll, but the
response from the member Associations had been very poor. Only six of the
47 countries had cast their votes by the December 1 deadline and the final
figure only reached 19.
He was scheduled to present the awards at the National Dutch Championships
in Eindhoven on June 2.
He urged the Associations to support the poll.
“I know our colleagues around the continent expect good work from the
people elected to the Board, but they also have to realise that we can´t do
a good job without their support and voting for UEPS Sportsman of the Year
is very little to ask for.”
After nearly two years, the project to establish UEPS football delegates
in each European country was finally completed last summer. The names and
addresses of the delegates were printed in the UEPS Bulletin, Edition EURO
2000 and distributed in all the press centres during the European
Championships in Belgium and Holland.
However, President Nilsson did not attend the tournament in order to save
UEPS funds. “ In my opinion, the absence of the UEPS President during a
European football Championship is unsatisfactory because one big tournament
is the bridge to the next one. Being the negotiator with UEFA and its
organizers it is an advantage to share the experiences of your colleagues
instead of relying on second hand information.”
Nilsson said he had collated reports from UEPS member attending the
tournament and would present a summary for discussions with UEFA.
He then called on AIPS to clarify which roles AIPS, the AIPS Commissions
and UEPS should play in Europe.
He listed several European-based meetings and seminars where AIPS was
represented in some form, but UEPS was not informed or included. There were
also occasions when AIPS, AIPS Commissions and UEPS delegates were seeing
the same organisations at different times. Apart from hindering the
influence of UEPS in Europe it also sent out mixed messages to the various
Despite the number of oversights, President Nilsson was invited to take
part in several seminars and forums during the year including the
European National Olympic Committees’ "Symposium for Young Journalists" in
Muricia, Spain.


Secretary-General Morley Myers outlined the major topics discussed at the
two Board meetings.
The main platform of discussions had been about territorial sovereignty
relating to AIPS incursions, more equitable funding from AIPS card
contributions and domestic matters - our activities in Europe, how we can
best help our members and, of course, the UEPS Sportsman and Sportswoman of
the Year.
President Nilsson had already indicated some of the problems dealing with
European sports bodies. AIPS was invading European air space, resulting in
confusion and very mixed signals. The situation needed to be corrected so
each Continental association is able to work properly within its own
Returning to the subject of funding, Myers said Europe’s 6,000 members
spent $180,000 for AIPS cards and even if AIPS raised the refund to Europe
from $5 a card to $10, they would still get $120,000.
"The AIPS coffers are bursting at the seams with $750,000, while we
struggle. AIPS is not a bank or a private company which has to satisfy
greedy shareholders, so let’s have a more just system of apportioning card
revenue," he told delegates.
The secretary-general also raised the subject of the UEPS poll. Official
notice, of the poll, with instructions, was sent to members associations on
November 6 advising them of a December 1 deadline and there were two
follow-up messages. The response was very disappointing and among the
major countries who failed to vote were Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia
and Spain.
Members were messaged the result on December 24 with a copy of the story
which was sent to the three World Agencies - Reuters, AP and AFP - with a
January 1 embargo.


Treasurer Erw Barthel said UEPS had a balance of US $39,879 on January
1, 2000 and finished the year on December 31, 2000 with $63,049.
This showed an increase of $23,169.77. Although there had been little
change in administration costs, there was less expenditure on meetings and
Presidential travel costs.
The only sponsorship UEPS received in 2000 was 20,000 Swiss Francs from
UEPS produced a special magazine for EURO 2000, but EUFA did not allow any
advertising in the publication. The only UEPS income was the financial
support of the Slovenian National Tourist Ministry and from the mayor of
the capital of Luxembourg.
Barthel said although the UEPS bank balance looked healthy, the AIPS
membership card money is received two-yearly and the next payment is not
due until 2002.
He stressed the need to find some other sources of income.

Other matters:
President Nilsson urged delegates to support European candidates in the
AIPS elections. He was standing as a vice president and with the
uncertainty of next year’s UEPS elections, it was important to gain key
AIPS positions now.
Secretary-general Myers felt Continental Presidents should automatically
serve as AIPS vice-presidents.

Date of next Congress: May 12, 2002, Athens.