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Verdens hurtigste journalist

Onsdag d. 26. september 2001

In the race that decides the best cycling reporter on the bike, Dutchman Harry Ruiterkamp (Infostradasport) won the second cycling World Championship for Journalists, held in Luxembourg on September 23. Ruiterkamp outsprinted flying Frenchman Franck Chopin of La Bretagne Cycliste in a four man leading group.

Lerch Methieu (L'Alsace) took the third place on the podium. A second rainbow jersey with green colours (the same as the press accreditation in cycling) has been given for the second time to Eugenio Capodacqua of Italy and daily La Repubblica. He's the over 50 world champion.

Results - 43.1 km
1 Harry Ruiterkamp (Infostradasports) 1.07.28
2 Franck Chopin (La Bretagne Cycliste)
3 Methieu Lerch (L'alsace)
4 Frédéric Millet (Le Cycle)
5 Eugenio Capodacqua (La Repubblica) 1.15