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Dansk fodboldhistorie

Mandag d. 23. august 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear all,

As you can see, I have turned to English, as we now have non-Danish speaking
list members among us. I trust, you will all be able to understand the
contents of this mail, nevertheless.

It concerns DBU's very first international side, which played a match on
April 18, 1897 in Hamburg against a selection team of Hamburg-Altonaer

We have added a document regarding that particular match here:


Our main source has been Gandil's book, "Dansk Fodbold", from 1937, but not
until we got hold of a contemporary, German newspaper, "Sport im Bild"
(thanks to Peter Bistrup at the DIF Library), we succeeded in learing more
about this match in detail.

However, as was custom back then, the German newspaper spends a considerable
amount of space honouring the Danish Guests, leaving not much room left for
statistically valuable information.

So, if any of you have any information regarding this very first
international match involving a DBU XI, we would surely appreciate if you
could share it with us. This also goes for the revenge match late May 1898
in Copenhagen. Here, we are left with what Gandil wrote in 1937.

Please note that the above document hyperlinks to a yet unfinished document
containing detailed information about all DBU Chairmen. We will of course
inform you, once the document has been finished and is made public at

Finally, be sure to keep track of running tournaments, Championships or Cup,
Women or Men. You should be able to access most of the information from the
Home Page directly.

And, the incoming week has quite much UEFA soccer involved:

AaB and Brøndby IF, both loosing 1-2 at home in the 1st leg of the UEFA
Champions League, Qualifying Phase 3, will have to try to advance to the
group stages via away wins. If they fail, both are automatically qualified
for UEFA Cup's 1st Round.

Lyngby FC is playing away against Birkirkara FC, but after a 7-0 win in the
1st leg, it seems quite probable that Lyngby FC advances to UEFA Cup's 1st

Finally, on Thursday, UEFA will draw this 1st Round of the UEFA Cup. Any of
the above teams that might have qualifyed for the UEFA Cup will in the hat
be joined by AB, the 1998-99 Domestic Cup Winner.

We will shortly have a very extensive overview and in-depth analysis with
all European Cup matches since 1955 involving Danish teams. Again, we shall
keep you informed, once we have worked our way through the raw statistics.

Søren and (o.b.o.) Jimmie