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Kvinde råber om hjælp

Torsdag d. 6. december 2001

Vi har modtaget følgende råd om hjælp fra en kvindefodboldspiller i USA:

I am writing to introduce myself and to ask your help in finding a
residential futbol training program in Denmark for myself. Please forgive my
obvious ignorance about training opportunities for women in Denmark. Please
also forgive my lack of facility in speaking Danish. I hope you can inform my

I am a premier/elite youth female futbol player living in Sudbury,
Massachusetts, U.S.A. I was born in Copenhagen when my parents lived in
Denmark in the 1980s. My birthdate is 01-26-85. I am currently 16 years old.
I have played futbol for 10 years and am considered an elite player in this
country. I am a member of the United States Olympic Development Team in my
Region (Region 1 - the East Coast). I am ranked by the USODP in the top 75
players in my age group (U-17) in the United States. I play in the highly
competitive U.S. Youth Premier Club Leagues with a team called Stars of
Massachusetts. This team is ranked in the top 15 female club teams in the U.S
and is the current U.S. National Cups Tournament Region 1 Finalists. You can
find out more about me and my football club by going to our web-site:

I am currently what is called a "high school" student in my country and
will graduate from my American "high school" in January 2003 (at the age of
18). I will attend University in the U.S. beginning in September 2003.

I am seeking an opportunity to attend a full-time, residential futbol
"academy" or training institute in Denmark for the 8 months between January
to August 2003 in order to further develop my skills and tactical game prior
to attending University in the U.S. I am prepared to pay tuition and for my
living accomodations for this experience. I am unfamiliar with soccer academy
or development opportunities in Demark. I am interested in the following:

1. Training with superior football managers/trainers/players on a 5-6
day per week basis for 7 to 8 months. I am most interested in being trained
by a top-flight Danish manager as part of a premier club training program.

2. Playing fixtures with a top flight women's team during this time.

Please note: I am prepared to train with young men if this is the way to
receive the highest training.

Because of the regulations in the U.S. about amateur status and playing
in university, I would not be able to sign a "pro" contract or be paid. I do
not require an academic educational curriculum or adult chapperone. I do,
however, need to be housed in a safe environment - in a home or with other
female players if possible.

If you are aware of any Danish Club or training academiy that offers such
a program and might meet these needs - either as part of an established
program or as an individually tailored program, please contact me at your
convenience. If you do not know of any such programs, I would appreciate any
information you might provide me on other futbol schools or academies that
might offer these programs - in Scandiavia, the UK, or the Nederlands.

Sincerely Yours,

Ms. Kirsten Ahrendt
Stars of Massachusetts