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UEPS-kongres i Athen

Onsdag d. 23. januar 2002


London, Jan.23, 2002.

In accordance with UEPS statutes, this is final
official notification
of the UEPS Congress to be held at the Divani
Caravel Hotel
in Athens from 0900 to 1200 on April 24, 2002.

Nominations for the posts of UEPS President,
Secretary-general, Treasurer and 8 Council
members should
be received by the Secretary-General, Morley
(Fax. 44-1923-445270) by February 23, 2002.

Any nominations received after that date will be
declared invalid.

All proposals or written interventions for
consideration by the UEPS
CONGRESS should also be sent to the
Secretary-general by February

The current serving Committee officers are:
Leif Nilsson (president) Sweden; Evgen Bergant
(v. president) Slovenia;
Morley Myers (secretary-general) Great Britain;
Erw Barthel
(treasurer) Luxembourg; Emanuel Fantaneanu,
Romania; Jose Carlos
Freitas, Portugal; Jerzy Jakobsche, Poland; Timo
Jarvio, Finland,
Alexander Ratner, Russia; Yannis
Theodorakopoulos, Greece; Esat
Yilmaer, Turkey; Hans-Joachim Zwingmann, Germany.

Morley Myers

Secretary General.