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Torsdag d. 9. september 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear list members,

>The remaining match Belorussia vs. Italy on October 9 will settle the group.
>If Italy draws or win, Italy is qualified for the EC 2000 Finals, and
>Denmark will play two play-off matches (that is, if Denmark is not "best 2nd
>placed team").
>If Italy looses, Denmark is qualified for the EC 2000 Finals, and Italy
>subsequently plays in the play-off, cf. above.

Another possibility: when Italy looses and Switzerland wins,
Italy will be placed before Denmark. The mutual encounters
give the following table:

Italy 4 2 1 1 6 - 4 7
Denmark 4 2 1 1 7 - 6 7
Switzerland 4 0 2 2 2 - 5 2

>In any case, Denmark will advance from Group 1, whether it being to play-off
>or to the EC 2000 Finals (and best 2nd finisher or directly as Group

That's of course true. According to the above scenario Switzerland is
out of the race.

Best regards,


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