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Brev til DS fra Ghana

Onsdag d. 13. marts 2002

Danske Sportsjournalister har fået en henvendelse fra Ghana, nærmere betegnet fra Ben Woe Tugbeh, Sportofficial fra Refugee Camp i Acera i Ghana.
Fra flygtningelejren i Ghana beder han om, at vi sender sportsudstyr til hans fodboldspillere i lejren.
Vi har justeret lidt på de værste sproglige misforståelser.

Afrikaneren skriver til DS-formand Flemming Thor Madsen:

- Í greet you in the name of the almighty God. Upon reading Aips News Magazine, which was founded in 1924, I was very impressed reading it. This really makes me understand the sporting activities.

I will appreciate, if you help my team, which is pro-football, as official I find it necessary to ask you in your own capacity to please send us sporting material such as football boots. The reason is, that we lack sporting material.
I'm willing to co-operate with you, when things I find with us, please call me 233-24633998. Call me at anytime. I want to be in contac t with you. We are catching hard time on the refugee camp from 1990 the civil crisis in Liberia, this is the reason I am writing you for assistance.
I hope, this letter should meet you and your sport official in good condition.
I am hoping to hear from you as soon as you have received this letter.

Respect fom yours
Mr. Ben Woe Tugbeh
Sport Official