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UEPS' formandsberetning

Mandag d. 18. marts 2002

Her er årsberetningen fra UEPS, Europa-udgaven af AIPS, tilsendt før det gør løs med årsmødet i Athen i april:


Since the Congress in Toronto in May, 2001, the UEPS board scheduled two
meetings. We met first in Bucharest in early October, 2001, and we look
forward to gathering again in Moscow in early April, 2002.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues Emanuel
Fantaneanu and Alexander Ratner for their excellent arrangements and their
warm hospitality.

In January I hosted a meeting for the bureau in Stockholm.

It is now 25 years since UEPS was established. It is quite some time ago,
but still we have Frank Taylor, the first President and one of the
founders, among us. For me, it has been a privilege to know him and to be
his friend. And this also goes for many other prominent colleagues who have
put their work and heart into our organisation like Eli Sporidis, Cars
Stenfeldt and Klaus Huhn.

This UEPS Congress will proudly choose them as Honorary Members for life.

My first mission after the Toronto Congress was to go to the Duch swimming
championships in Eindhoven to present the UEPS European Sportswoman and
Sportsman of the Year Awards for 2000 to Ingrid de Bruin and Pieter van
Hogenband. The presentation was well covered by media and the two athletes
were very proud and thankful. I like to thank Marina Witte of the Dutch
NSJA for her support during my stay.

I am sorry to say that I am once again disappointed regarding the
nominations for best athletes of 2001. At deadline, December 1, we only had
nominations from six countries and it took the General Secretary a lot of
work to get another 17 countries to vote. Anyway, UEPS was the first to
make the selection official and we got a lot of response all over Europe.
And this is the main idea, to get our name, UEPS, known. Therefore each
country has the responsibility to take part in the voting and to do it
before the deadline. I hope for a better response this year.

The 2001 winners were Michael Schumacher, Germany and Svetlana Khorkina,

In July, I was invited by the European Olympic Committee, EOC, to the
Olympic Youth Festival in Murcia, Spain, to give a lecture for young sports
journalists on the subject "Objects and Principles of Sports Journalism."
This is a project which was initiated by the AIPS President and EOC board
member Togay Bayatli. From now on UEPS will have the responsibility to keep
up the co-operation with the EOC regarding seminars for young journalists.
I thank President Bayatli for his good idea and overall support.

In Murcia, I also had the opportunity to congratulate the newly elected IOC
President, Dr. Jacques Rogge and also take part in his welcome party.

Another seminar for young sports journalist was planned to take place in
connection with the UEPS board meeting in Bucharest. Unfortunately, due to
a strike at the university, the seminar had to be cancelled at the last

At the end of November I visited the EOC Congress in Monte Carlo. Mr. Mario
Pescante was elected the new President after Dr. Rogge. On behalf of UEPS,
I congratulated Mr.Pescante and he assured me that it was his intention to
keep up the good relations with UEPS and the cooperation with symposiums
for young journalists.

In December, I was invited to London to take part in the presentation of
the annual British Sports Awards. At the same time I had a meeting with the
general secretary Morley Myers for upcoming matters.

Because of UEPS 25th aniversary one of the main subjects on our agenda this
year has been the publication of a booklet, serving as a document of our
history and future. This is not an easy task because we are spread all over
Anyway the two people who have done most of the work and put their hearts
into the project are Evgen "Kuki" Bergant and Erw Barthel. I thank them
very much for their dedication and unselfish work. I also thank AIPS and
President Bayatli who have promised to support UEPS financially in this

But I also have to give a very special thanks to Kuki who now steps down
from his position as UEPS vice President. Kuki is a unique person, a hard
worker but also a gentleman, a colleague and a friend of the best kind. It
have been a privilege to work with him. And I wish him all the best in the
future and hopefully we will meet many times again.

Two more friends and colleagues are leaving the UEPS Board, Yannis
Theodorakopoulos and Jose Carlos Freitas. Two young and strong men, who
have been of great support to our organisation and will continue to be so
in their new positions for the Athens Olympic Games and EURO 2004.

Warmest thanks for all your contributions.

I also like to thank the rest of the board members for their contribution
to UEPS during the last four years.

Finally, I have to inform you that since April 1, 2002 I have left my job
at the newspaper Expressen and now act as a freelancer. This will make it
possible for me to put a lot more time into the work of UEPS and AIPS. I am
looking forward to it.


Treasurer's report - financial year 2001

The UEPS Treasury started the year with a balance of US $ 63.049,01 on
January 1, 2001 and finished the year on December 31, 2001 with a balance
of US $ 45.346,35. This represents a decrease of US $17.702,66.
Several factors have to be taken into consideration. Administration costs
are less than the year before, so that needs no special comment.
The amount of expenses in the category "meetings" is due to the fact that
the UEPS committee met twice - in Cyprus and Bucharest.
Our Cypriot colleagues offered UEPS committee members free accommodation
and food. This very sympathetic gesture was of great help to the UEPS
treasury. (All member national associations are, of course, invited to
help UEPS in financing and organising any future committee or bureau
In Bucharest the UEPS meeting was originally incorporated into a seminar,
but this was cancelled at the last minute because of a teachers' strike.
This meant that UEPS had to meet part of the accommodation costs.
UEFA promised a yearly sponsorship of at least 20,000 Swiss francs. The
publication of the last year's EURO 2000 booklet by UEPS should have helped
persuade UEFA to increase its contribution. It demonstrated how much UEPS
could help UEFA in journalistic affairs. However, at the time of writing
we have not received any money from UEFA despite many interventions from
our president.
The UEPS finances have also been adversely affected because membership
card money is paid two-yearly and we already received the money for 2001
in 2000. However, the card money due again in 2002 will ensure another
increase to our treasury. Therefore, the UEPS treasury will have a healthy
look again taking into account the membership fees for 2002.
However, as I have to repeat every year, we must find some other sources
of income. Otherwise it will be very difficult in the future to keep a
solid balance in our treasury.
Finally, please note that the UEPS account changed to Euros on January
1st, 2002.

ERW BARHEL, treasurer