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Clean Sheet

Mandag d. 13. september 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Following our mail regarding "clean sheets" in Superligaen (Men's Division
One) this is just to inform you that the record was discontinued on Sunday.

AB's goalkeeper, Jan Hoffmann, conceeded a goal in the 71st minute, bringing
his goalless total to 680 minutes, however, a 145 minutes longer period than
the recent record from 1992.

The document is updated here:

Noteworthy bits from this week-end:

In conjunction with inauguration of its refurbished stadium, AB sets a new
record home crowd in Superligaen: 9,125. Most recent record was from
November 8, 1998 when an attendance of 7,115 watched AB 0-4 Brøndby IF.

More than 10,000 people have watched each of FC København's 3 home matches
so far, all played on different week-days, first on a Friday, second on a
Monday, and yesterday of course was a Sunday.

When the match Herfølge BK vs. Esbjerg fB has been played, rsssf.dk will
research whether Viborg FF has had such high on-the-run ranking before at
Division One level.

Please note FC Midtjylland's remarkable run, 7 matches-7 victories, in Men's
Division Two.

Finally, on the women's side, following Hjortshøj-Egå IF's (HEI) sensational
0-5 loss to Division Two team Brøndby IF (see recent mail), HEI bounced back
to win against the defending champions, DBK Fortuna by another 5-0.

Best regards,

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