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Akkreditering til VM i floorball

Mandag d. 8. april 2002

Dear NSJA sport journalist,

the fourth Men´s World Floorball Championships at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki Finland from 18 to 25 May 2002 are the biggest ever organised international floorball tournament in Finland. It is without doubt, one of the most international sports event of the year 2002 in Finland.

Altogether eight teams will fight for the world champion title in the A-division, but addition to this 16 teams compete in the B-division. Some of our guests will arrive from as far away as Australia, the United States and Japan.

Group 1: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany
Group 2: Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Latvia

Group A: Hungary, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore
Group B: Australia, Austria, Belgium, USA
Group C: Estonia, Japan, Netherlands, Slovenia
Group D: Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain

Press accreditation will close 30th of April. WFC Office keep right to prefer journalists with AIPS-membership. WFC organisers would appreciate very much if NSJA-offices could re-deliver this accreditation mail to media in your country (accreditation form enclosed as pdf-file).

More detailed information is available at official WFC-website http://www.salibandy.net/wfc2002/press/

Finnish national broadcasting company YLE acts as host broadcaster of the WFC 2002. If national tv companies are interested in taking tv-signal from the WFC, please contact about terms to TV-producer of the WFC 2002, Mr. Tarmo Kivikallio (YLE) tel. +358-9-14801, tarmo.kivikallio@yle.fi.

The Hartwall Areena
The Hartwall Areena is one of Europe’s leading multi-usage arenas, with seating capacity up to 14 000 spectators. The Areena was inaugurated in April 1997 in connection with the World Ice Hockey Championships. After that, it has hosted a great variety of events from indoor sports to concerts and shows. The Hartwall Areena will easily be changed to become a superior venue for floorball. There is a splendid visibility from all seats to the playing field and the massive TV screen shows the replays over and over again.
The adjacent service is of first class as well. The Hartwall Areena is situated only 4 km from downtown Helsinki and can easily be reached by public transportation.

Floorball Championships (men)

year level championship organiser participants champion
1994 European Finland 8 countries Sweden
1995 European Switzerland 11 Finland
1996 World Sweden 12 Sweden
1998 World Czech Rep. 14 Sweden
2000 World Norway 16 Sweden
2002 World Finland 24 ?

Since 1998, the WFC has been played in A- and B-series.

For further information, don´t hesitate contact me or other other persons in WFC Office (location 1,5 kilometres from Hartwall Arena).

Terveisin/Best regards,

Markku Huoponen
tiedottaja/press officer

WFC 2002 Office
Hakamäenkuja 2
FIN-00310 Helsinki, Finland
gsm +358 50 587 0004
tel. + 358 9 4770 3413
fax + 358 9 4770 3410
email: markku.huoponen@salibandy.net

4th World Floorball Championships for men
May 18-25 2002 at Hartwall Arena
Helsinki, Finland
internet: www.salibandy.net/mm2002
email: wfc2002@salibandy.net