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Torsdag d. 16. september 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear list members,

Yesterday the remaining 8 matches in 4th Round of Men's Cup was played.

Noteworthy is 3rd division team Glostrup IF 32's 2-1 win over 1st division
team AGF.

In addition, FC Midtjylland has now played 9 competitive matches since
formally established on July 1st. All nine matches were won, seven of which
in Division 2 and two in Men's Cup.

All results from 4th Round are found here:

Women's A-team played a goalless friendly against Netherlands in Dutch
Harkema. You'll be able to see this at

Tonight are 3 matches with Danish participation in UEFA Cup 1st round, and a
single match i Women's Cup Quarterfinals.

Best regards,


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