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Statistik fra rsssf: Nul rekord til Midtjylland

Mandag d. 27. september 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

During the last week we were asked a couple of times if it had happened
before that a club had started off a season like FC Midtjylland in Division
2. Following yesterday's loss to Hvidovre IF, we just want to bring to your
attention that it is not a record.

In the 1931-32 season, KB became champions by winning all 9 matches in the
Tournament. You can see details here:

Best regards,


PS: Please note that DBU's Executive Board on Saturday approved a
superstructure for Aarhus Fremad and IK Skovbakken, FC Aarhus called. It
implies that IK Skovbakken will be extraordinarily relegated from Division 4
at the end of 1999. Due to the FC Midtjylland superstructure, Herning Fremad
shares IK Skovbakken's fate, so 2 out of 4 relegation spots have been filled

See more here: http://elbech.server101.com/champion/tab00.html

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