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Statistik fra rsssf

Mandag d. 4. oktober 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Sorry for my absence the last week, but I had to take care of my real job
(!) and attend the IMF/World Bank meetings here in Washington, D.C. It did
not leave much time for updating the Archive (and I had special request from
DBU that needed immediate attention).

However, it's all done and I have now recuperated and have updated the


(Men): Superliga (details from last and this week-end), Division 2, 3, and
(Women): Divisions 1 and 2.

It's noteworthy that the Superliga has seen 3 red cards over the period, and
that Herfølge BK, being in No. 1 position, also has had 4 sendings-off in
the first 10 rounds, notably its coach, John Jensen (European Champion 1992,
Player of the Year 1987, Cup Fighter 1998 and holder of most national
Domestic Championship titles while playing for Brøndby IF), yesterday.

In addition, there have been 2 own goals as well. Interestingly, there
haven't been any hattricks this season so far, which is also reflected in
the absolute No. of goals that have been scored, as this seems significantly
lower than in previous seasons.


Denmark is playing Iran in a warm-up friendly (unless Italy looses to
Belorussia) in Copenhagen next Sunday. As is usually the case, we have
prepared an overview, which will be printed in Danish in DBUs
Landskampsmagasin. You'll find it here:

As some of you might know, we have for quite some time been looking to
establish whether Alf Olsen represented B 93 or KB in an international in
October 1912. We finally have gotten proof of what we had researched months
ago: Alf Olsen represents B 93. See more here:

Jimmie has finalised the 1993 details, and I will add these soon along with
a general update of the internationals section following last weeks matches.

Server problems:

We became aware over the course of the week that there seemed to be some
problems with our server. We found out that our domain role player, GDNS
Technologies, in Denmark, actually had sold its rights to a new company,
Speednames. I spoke with them, and we solved the problem, and
http://www.rsssf.dk/ works without problems. More important, however, is
that I took over control myself over the webforwarding. If there are any
problems in future, it hopefully can be solved without any cumbersome
processes as in the past.

Compaq Cup:

In the 1998-99 edition of the Compaq Cup, Skovshoved IF fielded 2
non-eligble players in a 1st round match at Holbæk B&IF. Skovshoved IF won
the original match by 3-2, however, following Holbæk B&IF's protest,
Skovshoved IF was declared looser by 3-0, and Holbæk B&IF proceeded (only to
be beaten by Greve IF in 2nd round). You see mere here:

This concludes my remarks for now. I will keep you posted with respect to
the Internationals section, and pretty soon we will have the European Cup
matches up there too.

Best regards,


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