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Statistik om Iran før landskampen

Mandag d. 4. oktober 1999

Soccer has been played in Iran since 1920’s, but the national team was not formed till 1941. Since then, Iran has played 285 games against national or Olympic teams. Soccer development of teame-melli (Iranian National Team) can be summarized in to five distinct periods.

A-1) Period of initiation, 1941-1959:

In 1941, the first game was played against Afghanistan at Kabul to a zero-zero tie. Players consisted of mainly Military school students, some of which became
military personalities during Pahlavi regime. This game marked the
beginning of a period of initiation that featured a second place finish in
1951 Asian games. Boromand, Boyok Jedikar, Parviz Dehdari , Gholizade and
Hajari were among the main players of this period.

List of games played between 1941-1959 (games #1-#19)

Goals by

1 9/41 Afghanistan Kabul 0-0 D Friendly
2 10/47 Turkey Tehran 1-3 L Boromand Friendly
3 10/47 Turkey Tehran 1-1 D Boromand Friendly
Game stopped by ref. Due to the violent play of both teams
4 10/49 Afghanistan Tehran 4-0 W Mobbasher(2)
Boromand(2) Friendly
5 6/50 Turkey Istanbul 1-6 L Khalili Friendly
6 10/50 Pakistan Tehran 5-1 W Boromand(3)
M.Khatami Friendly
7 2/51 Burma Delhi 2-0 W Boromand
Afshar Alavi 51 Asian games
8 2/51 Japan Delhi 0-0 T 51 Asian games
9 2/51 Japan Delhi 3-2 W Ansari(2)
Boromand 51 Asian games
10 2/51 India Delhi 0-1 L 51 Asian games,
Iran finished 2nd place
11 4/53 Pakistan Karachi 0-0 T Friendly
12 5/58 S.Korea Tokyo 0-5 L 58 Asian Games
13 5/58 Israel Tokyo 0-4 L 58 Asian Games
14 12/59 Israel India 3-0 W Barmaki
Dehdari 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications
15 12/59 Pakistan India 1-4 L Haji Mokhtar 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications
16 12/59 India India 1-3 L Dehdari 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications
17 12/59 Israel India 1-1 T Hajari 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications
18 12/59 Pakistan India 4-1 W Hajari(3)
Jamali 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications
19 12/59 India India 2-1 W Dehdari(2) 2nd Asian Cup Qualifications, Iran did not qualify

A-2) 1962-1974 : Period of transition

The second period of Teame –melli’s history covers years 1962- 1973.
This was a period of transition in which Iran came out of its shell, more
international games were played, legendary Rykov introduced new players
and tactics to the team and foundations of supremacy in Asia were placed.
Coaches such as Fekri and Dehdari , led Iran into two major international arenas,
Olympic games of Tokyo and Munich. Players such as Behzadi, Shirzadegan,
Arab, Ali Jabari, Mehrab Shahrokhi, A.Eftekhari and legendary Ghelichkhani
emerged at the beginning of this period. In late 60’s and early 70’s new generation of future stars such as Mazlomi, Ashtiani, Parvin, Sadegi and legendary goal keeper Hejazi were the key features of Teame-melli.

Some of the most memorable individual performances took place in this period.
Game # 63 witnessed Naser Hejazi "getting a hand from the gods" as Korean
coach called it. Hejazi single handedly advanced Iran to 72 Olympic games.
In game # 66 Ali Jabari in a span of 15 minutes scored 3 goals to save Iran
from 0-2 defeat by Thailand. And who could forget sardar Ghelich’s performance
in game # 87 vs Australia in which he scored two moral boosting goals in the first half.

List of games played between 1962-1974 (games #20-#86)

Note: Ol designates olympic or "B" team

Game #, Date, Opponent, , Venue Score Iran’s goal(s) scored by: Remarks-Occasion:
20- 3/62-Iraq-Tehran-1:1 T Kozekanani Friendly
21- 3/62-Iraq-Tehran-1:2 L Kozekanani Friendly
22 -10/63-Pakistan-Tehran-4-1 W Shahrokhi Behzadi(2) Shirzadegan 64 Olympics QUALS.
23-11/63-Pakistan-Lahor- 0:1 L 64 Olympics QUALS.
24-12/63-Iraq-Tehran-4:0 W Shirzadegan(3)
Arab 64 Olympics QUALS.
25-1/64-Iraq-Baghdad- 0:0 T 64 Olympics QUALS.
26- 5/64-India-Tehran-3:0 W Barmaki, Behzadi Shirzadegan 64 Olympics QUALS.
27-6/64-India-Calcuta- 3:1 W Shirzadegan Behzadi (2) 64 Olympics QUALS. Iran Qualifies
28-10/64-E.Germany-Tokyo- 0:4 L 64 Olympics
29-10/64-Mexico-Tokyo-1:1 T Nayerlu 64 Olympics
30-10/64-Romania-Tokyo-0:1 L 64 Olympics
31- 7/65- Pakistan-Tehran- 4:1 W Jabari, Behzadi(2) Arab Cento cup
32 - 7/65-Turkey-Tehran- 0:0 T Cento cup
33-3/66-Turkey-Tehran - 0:0 T Cento cup
Iran wins the Cup
34 -12/66-Malaysia-Thailand-2:0 W Shirzadegan Behzadi Asian games
35-12/66-Japan- Thailand - 1:3 L Shirzadegan Asian games
36 -12/66- India-Thailand- 4:1 W Ali Jabari Ismaeli(2) Jalal Talebi Asian games
37-12/66-Indonesia-Thailand-1:0 W Behzadi Asian games
38-12/66-Burma –Thailand-0:1 L Asian games
39-12/ 66- Japan-Thailand-1:0 W Ismaeli Asian games
40-12/66-Burma –Thailand-0:1 L Asian games
Iran finishes Second
41-11/67-Pkistan-Pakistan-2:0 W Behzadi Ismaeli Cento games
42-11/67-Turkey-Pakistan- 0:1 L Cento games
Iran finishes Second

43 -5/68-Hong Kong-Tehran-2:0 W Behzadi Ali Jabari Asian Cup
44 -5/68-Taiwan-Tehran- 4:0 W Farzami Kalani Eftekhari Behzadi Asian Cup
45-5/68-Burma-Tehran-3:1 W Kalani Eftekhari Behzadi Asian Cup
46-5/68-Israel-Tehran-2:1 W Behzadi
Asian Cup
Iran wins the cup
47-3/69-Iraq-Tehran-2:1 W Ghelichkhani
48 -3/69 –Pakistan-Tehran-9:1 W Ali Jabari (3)
Vafakhah (2)
D. Mustafavi
M.Zarabi Friendship Games Iran finishes second to Spartak Moscow
49 -9/69-Pakistan-Ankara-4:2 W Kalani (2)
Mazlomi(2) Cento Games
50 -9/69-Turkey-Ankara-0:4 L Cento Games
Iran finishes second
51- 9/70- Pakistan-Tehran-7:0 W Ghelichkhani
Haj Mohamad (2), Vafakhah Haqverdian Kalani Parvin
52-9/70-Turkey(OL) –Tehran-1:1 T Haj Mohamad Cento games
Iran finishes first
53 -12/ 70-Indonesia-Thailand-2:2 T Sharafi Ashtiani Asian games
54-12/ 70-South Korea-Thailand-0:1 L Asian games
55 - 7/71-Holand (OL)- Tehran- 3:0 W Jabari
Behzadi Iranpak Korush cup
56 - 7/71-Turkey (OL)- Tehran- 1:0 W Jabari Korush cup
57-7/71-Checkoslovakia(ol)-Tehran-2:1 W Mazlomi
Iranpak Korush cup
58-7/71-Austria (OL) –Tehran- 3:1W Sharafi
Iranpak Korush cup
Iran finishes first place After 1-0 Win over Egez Romania
59 -9/ 71-South Korea-Seol - 0:2 L Friendly
60 -9/ 71-South Korea-Seol – 2:0 W Khorshidi
Korean player Friendly
61-1/72- Kuwait-Tehran-2:0 W Jabari
Parvin Olympics Quals.
62-2/72- Kuwait-Athens-2:0 W Mazlomi
Parvin Olympics Quals.
63- 5/72-N.Korea- PyongYung-0:0 T Olympics Quals.
64-5/72-Cambodia-Thailand-2:0 W Kalani
Iranpak Asian Cup
65 -5/72-Iraq-Thailand-3:0 W Kalani (3) Asian Cup
66 -5/72-Thailand-Thailand-3:2 W Jabari (3) Asian Cup
67-5/72-Cambodia-Thailand-2:1 W Ghelichkhani
Iranpak Asian Cup
68-5/72-South Korea-Thailand-2:1 W Jabari
Kalani Asian Cup
Iran finishes first place
69-5/72- N.Korea-Tehran-0:0 T Olympics Quals.
70- 6/72- N.Korea-Pakistan-2:0 W Iranpak Kalani Olympics Quals.
Iran Qualifies to 1972 Olympic Games.
71-6/72-Ireland-Brazil-1:2 L Ghelichkhani Brazil Independence cup
72-6/72-Portugal-Brazil- 0:3 L Brazil Independence cup
73 -6/72-Ecuador-Brazil-1:1 T Ghelichkhani Brazil Independence cup
74-6/72-Chile-Brazil-1:2 L Halvaii Brazil Independence cup
75 - 9/72-Hungary-Germany-0:5 L Munich Olympics
76- 9/72-Denmark-Germany-0:4 L Munich Olympics
77- 9/72-Brazil(OL)-Germany-1:0 W Halvaii Munich Olympics
78-5/73-North Korea-Tehran- 0:0 T 74 W.C Quals.
79 -5/73-Kuwait-Tehran-2:1 W Vafakhah
Parvin 74 W.C Quals
80-5/73-Syria-Tehran-1:0 W Kargarjam 74 W.C Quals
81- 5/73-North Korea-Tehran-2:1 W Monajati
Sadegi 74 W.C Quals
82-5/73-Kuwait-Tehran-2:0 W Ghelichkhani
Jabari 74 W.C Quals
83-5/73-Syria-Tehran- 0:1 L 74 W.C Quals
84- 8/73-New Zeland-New Zeland- 0:0 T Friendly
85-8/ 73-Australia-Australia-0:3 L 74 W.C Quals
86 -8/ 73-Australia-Tehran- 2:0 W Ghelichkhani(2) W.C Quals
Iran did not qualify

A-3) 1974-1978 : Prominence In Asia

Public out cry and disappointments, as result of failing to qualify to
1974 World Cup, led to some fundamental changes in the administration
of Iranian Football. New IFF chief Atabay, appointed aggressive DIDEBAN
as secretary in charge of the federation.

Youth football program at the national level was established and aggressively
maintained. The next generation of teame-melli players such as Rowshan ,
Masih nia, Barzgari and several others were products of this program.

A new league of clubs at the national level, Takhte –Jamshid cup expanded
football to areas other than Tehran and Khozestan. Clubs like Malavan
Anzali,.Traktorsazi Tabriz ,Sepahan and Zobahan Isphahan institutionalized
football in their respective regions. For years to come these teams produced
players of national caliber such as Shojaii,Jahani, Changiz ,Ghayeghran,
Bagheri and so many others that otherwise would have never been discovered.

Education of domestic coaches and hiring of well known O’Farrel to facilitate
this purpose, provided a generation of Iranian football especially at the youth
level, with adequate coaching. Some of the best coaches of these years are
products of coaching development programs of 70’s.

As a by product, Iran dominated competitions in Asia such as championship
in Asian games, Asian cup, several consecutive youth level championship,
qualification to Olympic games and the 1978 world cup all attest to this
prominence. In short, the fruitful efforts and successes of this era are still
being cultivated in areas of coaching and club competitions.

Some of the all time most significant and impressive performances by any
Iranian teams took place in this period. These performances were against
likes of Poland (# 3 in the world at the time), Argentina, Soviet Union
(Top 8 at the time) and Scotland. In game #116, Iranian team performed
their best game ever against Argentines. Reza Adelkhani and Ghasempour
showed the Latins the brilliance of Iranian magic. In game #111, vs. Poland,
Rowshan and Parvin introduced Iran as a team that needs to be respected.
In game # 135, Danaiifard brought the Scotts to their knees.

List of games ( #87-#136) 1974-1978:

*Ol Designates Olympics or "B" team

Game #, Date, Opponent, venue, Score Iran’s goal(s) scored by: Remarks:
87-7/74 –USSR (OL)- Tehran -1:0 W Mazlomi Friendly
88-9/74- -Pakistan- Tehran 7:0 W Mazlomi (3)
Parvin (2)
Jabari 1974,Asian games
89-9/74-Bahrain-Tehran-6:0 W 1974,Asian games
90-9/74- Burma –Tehran-2:1 W 1974,Asian games
91-9/74-Malaysia- Tehran-1:0 W 1974,Asian games
92-9/74-South Korea-Tehran-2:0 W 1974,Asian games
93- 9/74-Iraq- Tehran-1:0 W 1974,Asian games
94-9/74-Israel- Tehran-1:0 W 1974,Asian games
95-12/74-Czechoslovakia-Tehran-0:1 L Friendly
96-7/75-USSR (OL)- Tehran-0:1 L Friendly
97-8/75-Hungary-Tehran-1:2 L Mazlomi Friendly
98-9/75-Bahrain-Tehran-3:0 w Mazlomi(2)
Parvin 76 Olympic Quals.
99-9/75-Kuwait-Tehran-1:1 T Roshan 76 Olympic Quals.
100-9/75-Saudi Arabia-Tehran-3:0 W Mazlomi(2)
Khorshidi 76 Olympic Quals.
101-9/75-Iraq- Tehran-1:0 W Khorshidi Olympic Quals. Iran Qualifies
102- 5/76-Brazil(OL)-Tehran-2:2 T Azizi
Noraii Friendly
103-6/76-Iraq-Tehran-2:0 W Noraii
Roshan 6th Asian cup
104-6/76-S.Yemen-Tehran-8:0 W Mazlomi(3)
Khorshidi 6th Asian cup
105-6/76-China-Tehran-2:0 W Khorshidi
Roshan 6th Asian cup
106-6/76- Kuwait –Tehran-1:0 W Parvin 6th Asian cup
Iran won Championship
107-6/76-USSR(OL)-Tehran-1:0 W Jahani Friendly
108-6/76-USSR(OL)-Tehran- 2:2 T Khorshidi
Parvin Friendly
109-6/76-Romania- Tehran- 2:2 T Ghelichkhani
Noraii Friendly
110-7/76 –Cuba – Ottawa- 1:0 W Mazlomi 76 Olympics
111-7/76-Poland- Montreal- 2:3 L Roshan
Parvin 76 Olympics
112-7/76-USSR- Canada- 1:2 L Ghelichkhani 76 Olympics
113-12/76-Saudi Arabia –Riyadh-3:0 W Mazlomi
Roshan 78 W.C. Quals
114- 1/77-Syria- Damuscuss-1:0 W Parvin 78 W.C. Quals
115-3/77-Hungray-Tehran –0:2 L Friendly
116-3/77-Argentina-Madrid-1:1 T Sadeghi REAL Madrid festival
117-4/77-Saudi Arabia-Shiraz-2:0 W Yousefi
Sharifi 78 W.C. Quals
118-4/77-Syria-Tehran-2:0 W Roshan 78 W.C. Quals
119-6/77-Hong Kong – 2:0 W Kazerani
Sadeghi 78 W.C. Quals
120-7/77-South Korea-Posan-0:0 T 78 W.C. Quals
121-8/77-USSR(OL)-Tehran-1:1 T Jahani Friendly
122-8/77-Romania-Tehran-0:0 T Friendly
123-8/77-Australia-Melbourne-1:0 W Roshan 78 W.C. Quals
124-10/77-Hungray(OL)-Tehran-3:0 W Adelkhani
Ghasempour Friendly
125-10/77- Kuwait-Tehran-1:0 W Jahani 78 W.C. Quals
126-11/77- South Korea-Tehran-2:2 T Roshan (2) 78 W.C. Quals
127-11/77- Hong Kong-Tehran-3:0 W Jahani(20)
Kazerani 78 W.C. Quals
128-11/77- Australia-Tehran-1:0 W Jahani 78 W.C. Quals
129-12/77- Kuwait- Kuwait- 2:1 W Fariba
Habib Khabiri W.C. Quals. Iran Qualifies For 78 W.C
130-4/78-Yougoslavia-Tehran-0:0 T Friendly
131-4/78-Wales-Tehran- 0:0 T Friendly
132-5/78-Bulgaria(OL)-Tehran-1:1 T Parvin Friendly
133-6/78-France-France -1:2 L Roshan Friendly
134-6/78-Holland-Mendosa-0:3 L 78 (Argentina) World cup
135-6/78-Scotland-Cordoba-1:1 T Danaiifard 78 (Argentina) World cup
136-6/78-Peru-Cordoba –1:4 L Roshan 78 (Argentina) World cup

Iran in Action in the Montreal '76 Olympics against Cuba, USSR, and Poland.

B) Records:

Iran’s record stands at 152 wins, 65 losses and 68 ties. Games
decided by penalty kicks have been counted as ties.

The most significant result remains to be 1-1 tie with Scotland
during the 1978 World Cup Games (Argentina) and 2-1
win over USA in France '98 World Cup.

The best game played ever (performance) was 1-1 tie with
Argentina (a year later Argentina became world champions).
This game was played in Madrid, Spain in 1977 and Iran
dominated throughout.

The worst game ever played (performance) was defeat to
Turkey 0-4 in Ankara, Turkey 1966.

The most lopsided victory was 17-0 defeat of Maldives at
Syria, 1997.

The most lopsided defeat was 1-6 to Turkey in Istanbul, 1954.

The most memorable results were defeat of Israel (twice) in
1968 and 1974 and a tie with Australia in 1997.

The sweetest unexpected results were 3-0 defeat of Israel (1959),
1-1 tie with Ecuador (1972), 1-0 defeat of Cuba (1976), 1-1 tie with
Argentina (1977), tie with Scotland (1978), 4-0 defeat of China (1984),
2-1 defeat of Algeria (1991), 3-0 defeat of Saudi Arabia (1996), 6-2
defeat of South Korea (1996) , 4-2 defeat of China (1997) and
2-2 tie with Australia.

C). Statistics:

Only 5 players have more than 60 caps to their credit:

1-Ali Parvin 82
2-Parviz Gelichkhani 73
3-Ahmadreza Abedzade 70
4-Naser Hejazi 65
5-Javad Zarinche 60
Ali Daii and Nader Mohammadkhani have also more than 50 caps.


A.Heydari , M.Khatami, H.Sadaghiani, M.Boromand, Amir Araghi,
A.Gholizade, P.Dehdari, A.Al Kheyrandish, M.Ranjbar, M. Amir Asefi,
H.Habibi, M.Arab, H.Behzadi, P.Ghelichkhani, A.Parvin, B.Zolfagharnasab,
A.Jabari, A.Shjaii, H.Nazari, N. Hejazi, M. Yousefi, I.Danaiifard,
M.Haghigian,M.Dinevarzade, A.Sejadi, B.Fariba, M.Panjali, S.Rahimpor,
C.Ghaeyghran, A.Hajiloo, F.Pius, M.Khakpor, M.Moharami, M.Agajanian,
A.Abedzadeh were captains of Iranian National Team.

5 of these players have been captain of teame-melli for more than 20

1- Ali Parvin 36
2-Ahmadreza Abedzadeh 33
3-Parviz Ghelichkhani 32
4-Mohammad Panjali 28
5-Cyrus Ghayeghran 21


1-Ali Daii 38 goals
2-Karim Bagheri 33 goals
3-Gholamhossein Mazlomi 21 goals
4-Farshad Pius 21 goals
5-Homayon Behzadi 16 goals


1-Karim Bagheri 7 goals against Maldives (Damascus,1997)
2-Ali Daii 5 goals against Srilanka (Tehran , 1996)
3-Ali Daii 4 goals against South Korea (UAE, 1996)
4-Ali Daii 4 goals against Nepal (Tehran,1996)
5-Ali Asghar Modir Rosta 4 goals against Taiwan (Tehran,1993)
6-Naser Mohammad Khani 4 goals against Bengaladesh (Jakarta,1986)
7-Behtash Fariba 4 goals against Bengaladesh (Kuwait,1980)

Masood Boromand was the first Iranian player to score 3 goals in a single
game. He scored 3 goals against Pakistan ( Amjadie,Tehran, 1950). Twenty
more times a player scored 3 or more goals in a single game mostly against
mediocre teams. The exception was Ali Daii’s 4 goals against South Korea
in 1996 Asian Cup.


1- Mohammad Panjali 13 years and 6 months

2- Hamid Derakhshan 13 years and 2 months

3- Parviz Ghelichkhani 12 years and 5 months

4- Mostapha Arab 12 years and 5 months

5- Majid Namjoo-Motlagh 11 years and 6 months

6- Naser Hejazi 11 years and 1 months

7- Ahmadreza Abedzadeh 10 years and 9 months

8- Javad Zarinche 10 years and 9 months

9- Masoud Boromand 10 years and 5 months

10-Farshad Pius 10 years and 3 months

11-Homayun Behzadi 10 years

Left to Right: Ali Parvin, Hassan Rowshan, Parviz Ghelichkhani


Vs Saudi Arabia (1997 , Tehran) 120,000 attended.
Vs Kuwait (1997 , Tehran) 105,000 attended.
Vs China (1997, Tehran) 100,000 attended.
Vs Israel (1974, Tehran) 100,000 attended.
Vs Syria (1997, Tehran) 100,000 attended.
Vs Algeria (1991,Tehran) 100,000 attended.
Vs Oman (1996,Tehran) 100,000 attended.
Vs Australia (1997,Tehran) 100,000 attended.
COACHES (Since 1945):

Sadegiani, Gable(England), Mayovski(Austria), Mesarush(Hungary),
Fekri, Soch(Hungary), Mahmoud Bayati, Rykov(Yugoslavia), Mohammad Bayati,
Neto(USSR), Dehdari, Ranjbar, McLenon (Scotland), Skinnes(England),
O’Farell(Ireland), Mohajerani, Habibi, Cheraghpor, Yavari, Ebrahimi, Dehdari,
Monajati, Parvin, Stanko(Croatia), Mayeli Kohan, Vierra(Brazil),
Ivic (Croatia), Jalal Talebi, Mansour Pourhaydari

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