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Statistik fra rsssf - LP-fodbold

Onsdag d. 20. oktober 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have finally verified all
matches in DBU's inaugural Domestic Cup tournament, Landspokalturneringen

It was an article in DBU's magazine, "Dansk Boldsport", from 1955 that
helped us narrowing down which match was causing the problem, and after a
visit at the Royal Library in Copenhagen where most Danish newspapers are
store, we could finally put BK Marienlyst 2-2 BK Frem Odense to rest. :)

You will find this document at:

Inspired by this, we will shortly announce more Cup documents. The 1955-56
and 1956-57 editions are already in the archive, however, neither have been
cross-checked. As always, we will keep this list informed of any

Best regards,

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