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Statistik fra rsssf - overbygninger mm.

Torsdag d. 21. oktober 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

The postponed match from Round 10 in Faxe Kondi Ligaen was played last
night. Esbjerg fB held AaB to a goalless draw at home, which in turn meant
that AGF and Vejle BK are ranked in the relegation spots, cf.

It is quite unusual to see those two reputed clubs in such ranking.
Actually, last time it occured was on September 8, 1991 after Round 8 of the
1st Phase of Superligaen 1991-92 (Autumn 1991).

And this on the same date as Vejle BK announced that the club - together
with FC Fredericia (Division 2) and Kolding IF (Division 4) will negotiate
and subsequently apply for DBU's approval for a superstructure as seen with
FC København (B 1903 and KB), FC Midtjylland (Herning Fremad and Ikast FS),
FC Aarhus (Aarhus Fremad and IK Skovbakken, in place from January 1, 2000),
AC Horsens (Horsens FS and FC Horsens (originally)) and Nykøbing Falster
Alliancen (B 1901 and B 1921) - to mention a few.

If approved by DBU, the superstructure, whose interim name is FC Trekanten
(in English: FC Triangle, which refers to a Danish expression for the
geographic area in which Vejle, Fredericia, and Kolding are situated), will
take over the spot of the highest ranked team (Vejle BK or FC Fredericia)
per July 1, 2000, i.e. in the period between this and next season at
championships level.

It is therefore too early to say anything about the consequent relegations
for the two teams that are not highest ranked, and which impact the
superstructure will have on the 2000-01 edition of Men's Domestic Cup.

As always: we will keep you posted.

Best regards,

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