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Statistik fra rsssf

Lørdag d. 23. oktober 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

For a long period, 1958-1990, Domestic Championships were played inside a
calendar year where the cup was played with a hibernation.

As a result, there have always been discussions about how to distinguish a
Double. If a team won the Championships in, say 1955 (AGF), would the team
then win a Double, if it won the cup in 1956 (as it kicked off in 1955
originally), or should the domestic Title and Cup be won in the same
calendar year?

It is believed that the former has been in effect, hence the following list
over Doubles can be made:

- Champions and Cup Winners in the 1954-55 season
- Champions and Cup Winners in the 1956-57 season
- Champions in 1960, Cup Winners in 1960-61

Brøndby IF
- Champions in 1988, Cup Winners in 1988-89
- Champions and Cup Winners in the 1997-98 season

Esbjerg fB
- Champions in 1963, Cup Winners in 1963-64

- Champions in 1968, Cup Winners in 1968-69

Lyngby BK
- Champions in 1983, Cup Winners in 1983-84

- Champions in 1982, Cup Winners in 1982-83

Vejle BK
- Champions and Cup Winners in the 1957-58 season
- Champions in 1971, Cup Winners in 1971-72

However, several sources are contradictory. In some sources, the Esbjerg fB,
KB, Lyngby BK and first Brøndby IF Doubles are not recognized, because they
were not achieved in the same calendar year.

AGF also won the 1959-60 cup, and is therefore listed for a Double on that,
as Vejle BK did also win the Championships in 1972.

Oddly enough, the OB Double seems to be regarded, which then contradicts the
non-recognition of the aforementioned Doubles.

Surely, soccer statistics is not always an exact science .... and of course,
Doubles are not an official title either.

Now, in addition, we have researched that the very first Double actually
belongs to KB. KB were Champions in 1939-40 when - following the
Occupation - traffic became very cumbersome, and DBU decided to sideline the
usual Championships structure and instigate geographical divisions.

In addition, DBU created the very first, Domestic Cup, Danmarkspokalen. It
was only played in 1940, but as you have already figured out, KB won this
Cup in addition to its Championships.

You will find all results from Danmarkspokalen 1940 here:

Please note that we have used only one source for the above file. We know of
a couple of other sources that have results from 3rd Round and onwards, so
bear with us while we crosscheck the first two rounds.

Best regards,


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